Students Attend Business Exploration Breakfast


Amy Ma

Students listen as business professionals share advice.

The Business and Industry Academy held the Business Exploration Breakfast on Tuesday, Jan. 22, in which business professionals came and shared their work experiences with students. The professionals answered students’ questions about business careers, making it easier for them to decide what to pursue. Topics shared with the students included the work the professionals do every day and advice on the path students should take in college if they choose to continue their program of study.

“The academy organized this event in order to spread awareness of the possibilities for students interested in pursuing careers in finance, marketing, management, etc.,” Tanya Chen ‘19 said. “It was also a great opportunity for students to practice interacting formally with business professionals.”

The students have been planning this event from the beginning of the year. In November, they were able to decide on a professional in their program of study that they would like to invite. By December, the ambassadors made sure to have emailed and recorded the responses of the professionals and notified their program teachers.

“We invited business professionals from all areas of business,” Kelsia Adil ‘19 said. “I personally invited Michelle Pearcy. After briefly talking to Ms. Pearcy I sat down to talk with Ms. Pelletier and Ms. Newman. [We discussed] possible careers in finance, skills you need to perform better in a business environment, challenges of working in a credit union or any financial institution, etc.”

The students were given a chance to talk to business professionals in diverse fields, giving them a chance to understand many areas of business.

“I talked to a [Business Banking Specialist] from Wells Fargo,” Sarah Romanko ‘18 said. “He works with local companies and he helps give them loans. I learned what I would need to do if I was interested in a career in finance, or if I were to own my own business and I wanted to get a loan from him, how I would do that.”

The ambassadors have also consistently participated in elementary and middle school outreaches as well as parents nights, informing everyone of the different options offered at Westwood. Students interested in finding out more about the business ambassadors or any other electives should attend the parent night held on Feb. 5, in the small gym.