IB Students Visit Purple Sage to Teach French


IB students sit with groups of elementary students to teach them French. Photo Credit to Ms. Anne Macharia.

When the Purple Sage Elementary School French teacher stopped being able to work, International Baccalaureate (IB) French V/IV students from Ms. Anne Macharia’s class stepped in to help give a couple of lessons to the students.

The IB students went to the Purple Sage campus on Tuesday, Feb. 13 and split up into groups with two to three fourth and fifth graders, teaching them basic expressions such as what they like to do and how old they are. They also shared French songs and Mardi Gras traditions to celebrate the culture.

“It’s an excellent opportunity, one for us learn more about French and to learn more about how to teaching people,” Kathleen Zhang ‘18 said. “Teaching French at an early age is really important because learning languages is easier at an early age. They lost that opportunity because their teacher is gone, so I think it’s important that we offer that opportunity again.”

Purple Sage hopes to create a partnership with National French Honor Society (NFHS) in order to provide more lessons to their students while their teacher is unable to work.