Varsity Boys’ Soccer Conquers Hendrickson 1-0

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  • Skylar Cupit ’18 dribbles the ball down the field.

  • Skylar Cupit ’18 runs the ball down the field before passing to a teammate.

  • Justin Lang ’20 kicks the ball down the field away from the Warriors goal.

  • Evan Moreno ’18 kicks the ball to an open Warrior player.

  • Evan Moreno ’18 blocks a Hendrickson Hawks player from getting the ball after stealing it from the opposing team.

  • Niko Harris ’21 receives a pass from another Warrior player.

  • Hilton Pineda ’18 fights to gain possession of the ball from an opposing player.

  • Sam Helwig ’19 dribbles the ball away from a Hawk defender.

  • West Bevins ’20 looks for an opening to steal the ball from a Hawks player.

  • Nikola Djordjevic ’21 looks at the ball before gaining possession.

  • Oliver Harris ’18 quickly runs ahead of opposing players to kick the ball.

  • Eduardo Rodriguez ’19 prepares to kick the ball into the game.

  • Justin Lang ’20 stops an attempted goal by the Hendrickson side.

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On the chilly night of Friday, Feb. 2, the varsity boys’ soccer team faced off and won their first district game against the Hendrickson Hawks, ending with a score of 1-0. As Oliver Harris ‘18 started off the victorious game with an astounding kick, the game was in the Warrior’s favor from the very start.

Around 15 minutes into the first half of the game, Lalo Rodriguez ‘19 scored a penalty kick due to a foul made by a Hawk defender, ultimately winning the game for the Warriors in the end. Additionally several successful head passes were made by various players such as Jack Elliot ‘19 and Rodriguez.

“Going into the game we knew they were District Champs,” Felipe Centeno ‘19 said, “We’re an excellent team to play against and they fought hard and skillfully against us, but in the end as a team we overcame the challenge.”

Throughout the second half of the game, Justin Lang ‘20 successfully blocked the Hawks from making several goals, and Nikola Djordjevic ‘19 made multiple effective passes. The pressure was staggeringly high for the Warriors as they needed to stay on top throughout the second half to win the game. Finally, in the last ten seconds of the game, the players received thunderous cheers from the crowd as they anticipated the final result of the game.

“We came out and gave it everything as a team, and overcame tough opponents while also granting us a great start to the season,” Djordjevic said.

Catch the boys playing against the Mavericks at McNeil high school on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 7:45 for their second district game. Go Wood.