Varsity Boys’ Soccer Washes Out Stony Point 4-1


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  • The Warriors come together for a motivational talk before the start of the first half.

  • Cade Freehill ’18 looks for an opening to steal the ball from an opposing player.

  • Carlos Lobera ’18 looks in the direction of the ball before attempting to kick it away from a Stony Point player.

  • Lalo Rodriguez ’19 jumps to head the ball.

  • Oliver Harris ’18 fights to keep the ball in Warrior possession.

  • Felipe Centeno ’19 gets ready to kick the ball.

  • Evan Moreno ’18 prepares to throw the ball back into the game.

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On the evening of Tuesday, March 6, the varsity boys’ soccer team fought against the Stony Point Tigers in the second round of district play, with hopes of gaining a win after a tough loss against the McNeil Mavericks, ending the night with an astounding win 4-1 for the Warriors. While the outcome was a favorable one for the Warriors, the team knew they had to fight hard to take home a victory.

“I think we played well and I think it was a pretty big win because we’ve been on kind of a slide-like losing streak and we knew we could have beat Hendrickson and McNeil,” Evan Moreno ‘18 said. “They were kind of tough losses and also to Cedar Ridge as well, but I think it refocused us before this game, and showed with a 4-1 win.”

As several passes were made by Jack Elliott ‘19 to Moreno and Skylar Cupit ‘18, with the help of Lalo Rodriguez ‘19 who came close to making a goal, the Warriors were able to prevent the Tigers from scoring a goal throughout the first half of the game. With the first half coming to a close, a successful goal by Nikola Djordjevic ‘21 was made with just 29:55 minutes remaining in the first half, giving the Warriors a one-point advantage over the Tigers. Which eventually becoming the only goal made in the first half of the game.

Going into the second half of the game, the advantage was towards the Warriors as Moreno scored the second goal of the night with just 38:33 left in the game, giving the Warriors a 2-0 lead over the Tigers. With the second half ending, the Warriors performed numerous defense strategies to keep the ball out of Tiger possession before Djordjevic made his second goal of the night, bringing the game to a 3-0 score with just 26:43 left in the second half. Though the Tigers managed to score a goal before the end of the night, that didn’t stop Elliott from making one more goal for the Warriors with only 24:00 left in the game, becoming the winning goal of the night.

“It was a great game for the team, I mean after three losses it’s really nice to get a win and hopefully start a winning streak for us. Scoring is always a pleasure, it’s really fun to celebrate and do stuff but it’s just a great win for the team overall,” Djordjevic said.

Catch the varsity boys’ at the Warrior Bowl on Friday, March 9 at 7:45 p.m. when they continue their journey in the second round of district play facing off against the Round Rock Dragons. Go Wood.