Students Improve Presentation Skills Through Shark Tank Project


Alyssa Kamouie

The creators of SnoWheel present to the panel and class.

Ms. Shelley Bramlett’s TAG English II students participated in an extensive Shark Tank project, spanning over a four week period. Students were asked to create a product from scratch and present it to a panel of ‘sharks’ much like in the popular TV show. Judges included Principal Mario Acosta, Ms. Tamra Franklin, Ms. Chantel Morrison, Ms. Lucy Riusch, and Ms. Amy Woosley.

“I’m really bad at presenting so this project allowed me to answer questions on-the-spot, which made it great practice for future presentations,” Melody Yin ‘20 said.

The panel was introduced to the creators of potential products, with products ranging from snow wheels to types of skincare, and shown a presentation that includes money matters and an in depth explanation of the product. The panel would then ask a vast number of questions that allowed presenters to create an on-the-spot response, showing off their preparation.

“We learned more about business, and I didn’t really know much about the industry. This project was a good glimpse into what starting a business would be like,” Joyce Zhuang ‘20 said.