SunDancers Win Big at Austin Dance Showcase

Brooke Weatherbie, Reporter

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  • The SunDancers pose after their team novelty, “Shake Your Tail Feather.”

  • Jenna Weatherbie ’18 and Susi Chavez ’19 pose during the SunDancer team jazz.

  • Jenna Weatherbie ’18 executes a switch leap during the SunDancer team jazz.

  • The SunDancers perform their team contemporary.

  • Hallie Klein ’19 and Jenna Weatherbie ’18 strike a pose during their Hype performance.

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In addition to placing first in almost every category, the SunDancers received the Overall Grand Champion Award at the Austin Dance Showcase on February 24, 2018. The SunDancers competed their team jazz, novelty, and contemporary dances, as well as two small ensembles and three officer dances.

Even with seemingly all odds stacked against the SunDancers — their director on maternity leave, a new assistant director, and not having competed in almost three years — the team was still able to pull through to the win.

“I cried a lot,” Hallie Klein ‘19 said. “It was a great feeling because we worked really hard — not only the week of, but the entire year. It was great to know that all of our hard work finally paid off.”

The SunDancers received a score of 290 and above (out of 295) on all of their dances, which was totalled together to make the team the highest scoring group of the competition.

“It was really exciting,” Olivia Steiert ‘20 said. “I credit most of our success definitely our directors — Mrs. Steedley, Ms. May, and Mrs. Kelly — because they put just as much time and effort as we did in these dances, and they made us really work hard and push to get the dances clean.”

In addition to multiple trophies, plaques, and banners, the SunDancers were awarded with $700 for their booster club.

“The prize money was really nice,” Gabby Hoover ‘20 said. “Now we have extra money for costumes and funds, which is really helpful.”

Over 20 local varsity high school dance teams competed, as well as several middle school and JV teams.

“The other competitors were so sweet,” Hoover said. “Whenever we were walking down to our practice area, all you would hear is, ‘Good luck!’ over and over. It was a lot of good energy and it really got me hyped up.”

The SunDancer line officers received the Overall Grand Champion Award in Officers for their high scores in their modern, lyrical, and contemporary pieces.

“When it happened [the officers and I] were kinda like, ‘Wait, what?’ and then they came over with this big banner and we were freaking out and crying,” Klein said. “It feels pretty incredible and it’s honestly very impressive.”

The team plans to continue rehearsing for their upcoming performance in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and later for their spring show, Escapade, in April.

“Hard work really pays off,” Steiert said. “If you really work hard for something, you will get an outcome you desire.”