Varsity Baseball Falls Short in Warrior Tournament

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  • Reed Harrington ’18 and Nicky Manasso ’18 jump for joy after a catch from Harrington.

  • Mason Flood ’19 catches Marshall Dean’s ’18 pitch on first base.

  • Cody Crider ’20 looks up to catch a Lake Travis player’s hit.

  • Westwood baseball players watch the game.

  • Mason Flood ’19 pitches the ball.

  • Trevor Borses ’18 pitches to fist base.

  • Ian Cox ’19 moves to bunt the ball.

  • Pitcher Marshall Dean ’18 winds the ball up.

  • Trevor Borses ’18 dives to catch the ball in the outfield.

  • Reed Harrington ’18 throws the ball to the teammate on first base.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 catches a ball in the outfield to get a player out.

  • Trevor Borses ’18 takes a swing to hit the ball.

  • Ian Cox ’19 catches a pass before the batter gets to first base.

  • Sam Zientek ’18 hits the ball.

  • The Warriors watch the game in the dugout.

  • Trevor Kearsey ’18 hits the ball.

  • Trevor Borses ’18 is congratulated by his team members after a successful catch while playing the out field.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 starts running after he hit the ball.

  • Ian Cox ’19 catches the pitch after a Lake Travis player narrowly misses it.

  • Mason Flood ’19 pitches the ball.

  • Trevor Borses ’18 tracks the ball after hitting it.

  • Cody Crider ’20 slides to first then makes a dash for second after the pictured opposing team member missed the ball.

  • Reed Harrington ’18 successfully hits the ball.

  • The Warriors shake hands with the opposing team after the game.

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Starting on Thursday, March 1, the Warriors competed in their hosted tournament. The games brought many Westwood classes out to the field to show support and enjoy the start of the baseball season. Over the three days, the Warriors finished with a record of 1-4, winning only one game.

On Thursday, the Warriors first took on the Anderson Trojans and lost 6-4. This game allowed for Nicky Manasso ‘18 and Jake Morrow ‘18 to pitch. The following game against the JJ Pearce Mustangs was a win for the Warriors, 5-0. Pitches by Mason Flood ‘19 and Chad Dixon ‘18 got the other team out consistently.

“I was really proud of how everybody fought against Lake Travis and JJ Pearce, but we have a lot to improve on going into district and we all need to make adjustments,” Manasso said.

The following day, the first game against Lake Travis resulted in a close 4-3 loss. With great pitches by Marshall Dean ‘18 and catches in the field by Trevor Borses ‘18 and Reed Harrington ’18, the Warriors led for most of the game. However, in the last inning the Warriors could not stop the Lake Travis players from getting around the bases. That night, the Warriors competed against the Woodlands. After consistent game play, the exhaustion seemed to set in for the team. Though Harrington and Dean were able to score for the Warriors, they ultimately they lost 7-2.

In their final game of the tournament on Saturday, the Warriors took on Belton. Peter Fagan ‘19 and Kyle Clement ‘19 pitched, but could not hold the Belton team which caused the Warriors to lose 4-1.

“The games didn’t go as well as we wanted them too, and we have a lot a lot of things that we need to work on and fix going forward,” Morrow said. “If we can focus on throwing strikes and pitching to contact on the mound, we can really start putting together some good games.”

The Warriors will take on Anderson again in their next game at home on Tuesday, March 6 at 6 p.m.. Go Wood.