Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Falls to Georgetown 20-4

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  • The Westwood Varsity lacrosse team warms up before their game.

  • Jack Mattson ’18 runs beside the opposing player, trying to steal the ball.

  • Adam Busfield ’21 guards Georgetown’s player as he tries to steal the ball.

  • Koby Coch ’20 gets ready to run as the draw is performed.

  • Miles Simpkins ’18 dodges the player as he runs for the goal.

  • Coby Krakow ’20 runs to catch up to the other teams player.

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For their seventh game of the season the varsity boys lacrosse team played against the number one ranked team in the state, the Georgetown High School Eagles. It was Wednesday, March 7 when the Warriors gave their all to put the Eagles down, but it simply wasn’t enough. At the end of the night, the Warriors were defeated with a score of 20-4.  

“The game was terrible. As a whole the team just needs to want to win. The captains have talked and we’re implementing some changes to ensure that no matter how good another team is, we’ll never get beat that bad again,” Jack Mattson ‘18 said.

Reese Green ‘18 started off the game in the face-off, but the Eagles won the ball. After back and forth passes in the Warriors’ defensive area, the Eagles were fouled upon and received a free shot with which they scored. The Warriors put on a tough defense against the Eagles’ raging offense and planned out ways to fill the score gap. The Warriors did just that when Green stole the ball, raced down the field, and scored a goal.

The Eagles didn’t waste any time and began running offensive plays against the Warrior defense, but Evan Johnson ‘20 held down the fort by blocking many shots. The two teams continued racing back and forth but neither could manage to score. Finally, the Eagles pushed through the Warriors defense and scored once again. With a score reading 2-1, the Warriors defense began struggling to keep the Eagles offense out of their defensive area, and the Eagles got 3 more goals. The first quarter ended with a score of 5-1, with the Eagles in the lead.

The second quarter began with a foul call on the Warriors for offsides which gave the Eagles an advantage. They scored time and time again leaving an even larger gap between the scores. During the third quarter Green scored again and gave the Warriors a much needed sense of hope right before the end of the quarter.

To start off the last quarter of the game, Duncan Alvarez ‘20 and Green worked the field. They passed the ball back and forth and managed to make it all the way down to the Eagles goal, but they didn’t score. With the Warriors putting pressure on the Eagles’ defense, Hayden Franks ‘18 scored two goals, but when their time ran out, the final score was 20-4.

“I think it was the outcome that we had prepared for. They’re a great team and definitely out worked us and we just couldn’t connect as a defensive unit and were struggling on offense. Overall I think we need to work on our ability to adjust to new situations and games that aren’t always gonna go our way,” Brandon Lutz “19 said.

Come support the Warriors as they take on the Cedar Ridge Raiders this Wednesday, Mar. 21 at 6 p.m at Cedar Ridge High School.