Students Experience an Enchanting Night at Prom

Kamille Galloway, Opinions Editor

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Once upon a time…

…at the Oasis restaurant, students gathered together onto the dance floor for their 2018 Junior and Senior Prom.

On the night of Saturday, April 21, everyone went through the specific entrance and were met with a check-in counter as well as some random breathalyzer tests, to ensure the safety of the students for the night. Through the doors and onto the patio, a scenic view overlooking Lake Travis and a beautiful sunset was a perfect place for students to start the night by taking photos with their dates and friends.

“Because it’s senior year [and] I didn’t go to prom last year because I didn’t really care, I feel like living out one high school memory is a good time,” Sebastian Hubiera ‘18 said. “Since I’ve gained more, real friends this year, I think it’s fun to actually have prom.”

The top floor of the Oasis, designated to the event, was decorated in coherence with the theme. Plants and flowers were spread out and put around the tables to give the room a beautiful touch. Above the DJ, a screen with animated, colorful circles and shapes were moving around, to keep the energy up and flowing. Fruit, sweets, and two chocolate fountains were set out on the tables of the room before the dance floor for everyone to enjoy a sweet snack before dancing. There was also a photography service, provided by Keep It Digital, with a fairytale background, created by Westwood student Zach Olds ‘19, for everyone to take photos in front of.

“Tanner Robinson and I were assigned this project by our teacher, because she felt we were some of the most creative students in her classroom, and our instructions were to design a backdrop that was related to the prom theme, enchanted fairytale,” Olds said. “They requested castles and stars, so we found some reference photos online, decided what we wanted to do, then went out one day and took a photo of the main part of the backdrop, the water, and then took it into Photoshop, worked some magic, and boom we have a backdrop.”

For the entire night, upbeat music was blasted through the speakers, and the huge crowd of dancing students never left the dancefloor. As the night began winding down, Prom King, Noah Zahm ‘18 and Prom Queen, Adra Kreiling ‘18 were announced and crowned on the stage.

“I was this weird, awkward tuba player kid,” Zahm said. “If someone had come up to me freshman year and told me that my senior year, I was going to be prom king, I wouldn’t have believed it in a million years. It’s just surreal.”