Varsity Baseball Falls to Dragons 7-5

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  • Chad Dixon ’18 sprints to first base after he hits the baseball.

  • Marshall Dean ’18 tracks the ball as he moves to catch it.

  • Nathan Potter ’20 pitches to a batter in the sixth inning.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 bunts the ball in attempt to throw off the defense.

  • Trevor Kearsey ’18 slides to get to second base.

  • Third baseman Walt Zientek ’19 throws the ball home in attempt to get a runner out.

  • Reed Harrington ’18 swings and hits the ball.

  • Nicky Manasso ’18 pitches to a waiting Round Rock batter.

  • Mason Flood ’19 and Nathan Potter ’20 fist pump after a successful play.

  • Nick Manassao ’18 pitches the ball.

  • The team gathers round after a play.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 slides into third base.

  • The opposing side catches the ball.

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On April 4, the Warrior baseball team took on the Round Rock Dragons at home to begin their three game series. After the first pitches were thrown, lightning struck nearby which caused a 30 minute delay. However, this did not throw off the players and still allowed for a competitive game, which resulted in the Warriors losing 7-5.

“We know if we play at the top of our game we can really compete against Round Rock and the other district teams,” Jake Morrow ‘18 said. “We are really excited going into Friday and really hope we will come out with a dub.”

To begin the game, Nicky Manasso ‘18 started pitching for the Warriors. Manasso was quick to get the Dragons out in the first inning, but in the second, the Dragons made it on base. After a strong hit to left field and a series of errors from the Warriors, the Dragons were able to gain four runs. In the following inning, Manasso was able to hold the Dragons from scoring again. In the bottom of the third, errors from the Dragons allowed Chad Dixon ‘18 and Reed Harrington ‘18 to start working their way around the bases. With a hit from Will Clitheroe ‘19, Dixon was able to make it home and Harrington followed, bringing the score to 4-2.

“I thought we had a good chance to upset Round Rock because they were coming off two loses.  After I scored I thought it would change the momentum and it did,” Dixon said. “We had a lot more energy after we scored and we started to come back.”

In the following inning neither teams were able to score, but in the bottom of the fifth, the Warriors gained momentum as Marshall Dean ‘18 was able to get on base. Following hits from Dixon and Harrington, Dean scored a run. The Dragons’ pitcher began to wear out as he allowed for three of the Warriors’ batters to walk with players on all three bases. In attempt to keep the lead, the Dragons switched in a new pitcher, but he was unsuccessful as Geraldo Garcia ‘18 hit the ball to right field, giving Clitheroe and Mason Flood ‘19 time to get home. The inning ended with the Warriors up 5-4.

In the sixth inning, Nathan Potter ‘20 switched into pitch for the Warriors and were able to prevent further scoring from the Dragons in that inning. However, in the seventh inning the Dragons were able to get two players around to gain the lead once again. The Warriors were unable to score in their last round at bat, at the bottom of the seventh and lost 7-5.

“In my four years playing Westwood baseball, we have never beaten Round Rock and I truly must say it is mine and every other seniors desire to take one from them in this series. Being so close in this game only fueled the fire under us and really take it to them on Friday and Saturday,” Morrow.

The Warriors will continue their series against the Dragons on Friday, April 6 at the Round Rock HS baseball field starting at 7 p.m..