Varsity Baseball Falls to Panthers 8-6

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  • Jackson Melton ’18 throws the ball to a waiting teammate at first base.

  • The Warriors high five the Laurel Mountain Elementary choir members after they performed the National Anthem.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 runs to second against Pflugerville.

  • Nicky Manasso ’18 pitches the ball the a Panther batter.

  • Reed Harrington ’18 runs from first base to second against Pflugerville.

  • Marshall Dean ’18 throws the ball across the field to first base.

  • Ian Cox ’19 attempts to bunt the Panther’s pitch.

  • Reed Harrington ’18 sprints to first after hitting the ball pitched by Pflugerville.

  • Cody Crider ’20 runs off the field after catching the ball to get a player out.

  • Reed Harrington ’18 swings at the pitch.

  • Cody Crider ’20 slides to get on home plate before the ump calls him out.

  • Will Clitheroe ’19 looks up at his ball after hitting off the pitch.

  • Chad Dixon ’18 bunts the ball against Pflugerville.

  • Kyle Clements ’19 winds up as he moves pitch the ball.

  • Ian Cox ’19 throws the ball back to the pitcher.

  • Trevor Kearsey ’18 throws the ball back towards the bases after a hit to right field.

  • Cody Crider ’20 swings at the pitch from Pflugerville.

  • Nick Manasso ’18 pitches the ball.

  • Garcia Geraldo ’18 hits the ball.

  • Geraldo Garcia ’18 runs to second base.

  • The team walks off as the game ends.

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The Warrior baseball team faced off against the Pflugerville Panthers on Tuesday, April 11, on the Warriors home field. Both teams were eager to start the week’s series which allowed for a competitive match, but in the end the Warriors lost 8-6.

The first inning started out with Nicky Manasso ‘18 pitching for the Warriors, but due to errors in the field, the Panthers scored five runs before the inning was over. It was not until the third inning when the teams were able to score again. The Panthers scored one run bringing the score to 6-5. In the bottom of the inning, the Warriors quickly got Reed Harrington ‘18 and Chad Dixon ‘18 on the bases and after an error from the Panther catcher, Harrington was able to get to home base. Following a hit from Geraldo Garcia ‘18, Dixon was able to bring the score to 6-2.

In the following inning, the Warriors were able to score two more runs to close in on the Panthers lead. With the bases loaded, Dixon hit a ball to the outfield that gave Marshall Dean ‘18 and Cody Crider ‘20 an opportunity to get home bringing the score to 6-4. Manasso was able to quickly get the Panthers out in the top of the fifth and sixth. In the Warriors turn at bat in the sixth, Dean quickly hit the ball to left field allowing time to get to second. With hits from Trevor Kearsey ‘18 and Harrington, the Warriors were to get the bases loaded. After Harrington’s hit and a walk, Dean and Kearsey scored to tie the score 6-6.

“I felt excited for this game and ready to go,” Dean said. “I think we were able to tie because we just took it inning by inning and each play at a time trying to win every situation.”

In the final inning of the game, both teams pushed to move past the tie. After the Panthers got two men on base, the Warriors switched out pitcher Manasso after 97 pitchers, for Kyle Clements ‘19. However, the Panthers still were able to gain the lead after a strong hit to mid outfield. The Warriors were unable to match the Panthers runs and lost 8-6.

The Warriors will continue their series against the Panthers in a doubleheader on Friday, April 13 at Pflugerville High School beginning at 5:30 p.m..