Students Attend Library Book Buzz to Explore New Releases


Grace Liu

Students learn about upcoming books and new releases through the presentation.

Avid readers convened in the library on April 26 for Book Buzz. The event featured Mr. Robert Haddock, a representative of the publishing company Penguin Random House, who discussed upcoming novels and new releases with the students.

For each book he introduced, Mr. Haddock read a short description, elaborated on what he had enjoyed in that particular read, and encouraged students to keep an eye out for when the book hit library shelves. The main goal of the event was to not only encourage students to read, but to introduce them to books that piqued their interest.

“What we’re trying to do is to encourage building a community of readers,” Mr. Haddock said. “We’re trying to encourage kids to read more because that helps promote reading and promotes [the author’s] books. We’re hoping that you guys will see a book that you like and you want to go buy, so people buy more of their books.”

While students enjoyed learning about new books to read, they also participated in drawings for advance reader copies of the novels that Mr. Haddock had talked about, as well as other titles. Every student who attended was entered into the drawing once, and the first 20 to RSVP were granted an extra ticket.

“I really liked winning all of the [books],” Jayden Bentler ‘18 said. “I love reading, and [knew] that they were going to be giving away books. I got the early copy of Alex and Eliza: A Love Story, so that’s one I’m really looking forward to reading.”

The event promoted a variety of different books, from new graphic novels to psychological thrillers and everything in between. The vast array of titles, authors, and genres allowed for the students to each find books that interested them.

“The books were actually really good,” Tiana Tulloch ‘18 said. “I remember last year they weren’t quite what I was looking for, but there were a lot more titles that I was interested in this time around.”

For most students, the Book Buzz served to reinvigorate their love for reading with new and interesting novels after a long school year.

“This year has been kind of crazy and I haven’t had time to sit down and read or search for books that I would like to read,” Vaishnavi Jayaraman ‘17 said. “I’ve been finding books that don’t really interest me more than books that do. Talking about each book and seeing why [Mr. Haddock] likes it does give a good perspective.”

After the Book Buzz, students walked away with not only new books, but a renewed excitement for reading.