JV Orange Volleyball Dominates Stony Point 2-0

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  • Erin Fagan ’22 jumps to spike the ball over the net and earn a point for the Warriors.

  • Erin Fagan ’22 and teammate attempt to block the ball from going over.

  • Erin Fagan ’22 jumps to tip the ball over the net.

  • Jessica Lane ’22 waits for the ball to come over.

  • Peyton Ferree ’22 serves the ball to begin the match.

  • The team hugs each other after scoring a point.

  • Lauren King ’20 sets and prepares the ball for Madeline Shrull ’21 to spike it over.

  • Payton Ferree ’22 and Erin Fagan ’22 block the ball from going on the Warriors side.

  • Sam Snow ’21 sets the ball to prepare a teammate to spike it across.

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On Friday, Aug. 31, the JV Orange volleyball team defeated the Stony Point Tigers with a home crowd advantage and finished an overall score of 2-0.

At the beginning of the first set, the Warriors scored the first point and don’t stop there. Peyton Ferree ‘22 adds multiple points to the scoreboard. Jessica Lane ‘21 and McKayla Ross ‘22 save the ball from going out and earning more points for the Warriors.

“Scoring points as a team is the best part about playing volleyball. Getting a kill or an ace by yourself feels great too, but when you score a point after long rally, you know you wouldn’t have gotten it without your teammates. It just creates a bond that’s irreplaceable,” Lauren King ‘20 said.

The team had a few slip-ups with their serves and decision making as well, but still succeeded in the game.

“Sometimes they would tip when they could have swung away because we had them working on placing the shots a lot more. So they are a little bit quick to place rather than just swing away so we could have done that,” Coach Hall said. “Our serves, we had a couple errors but, overall I think they did a good job with that as well.”

The first set concluded with a final score of 25-22 in the Lady Warriors favor. Delaney Willing ‘21 dove for the ball to save it from hitting the Warriors ground and Ross had a killer spike to rack up the points.

Starting off the second and final set, the Lady Warriors earn the first couple points with the help of Ferree and her killer spikes as well as Willing’s save, and Fagan’s spike making the Lady Warriors at an advantage of 13-8.

“We have been working on executing a lot better and more aggressively and they were able to do that which also took into account the defense as well because we can’t get a good execution if we don’t have the pass first,” Coach Hall said. “I was really proud of them and I think they did really well tonight.”

The Lady Warriors ended the second set with a final score of 25-16 and won the game with a 2-0 set advantage.

“I was so happy that we won because when you accomplish something knowing that you couldn’t have done it without each other, you’re not only happy for yourself but for your teammates too,” King said.

The Lady Warriors take on the McNeil Mavericks on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 5:30p.m. at home.