JV Orange Volleyball Falls to McNeil 0-2

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  • Teammates block the oncoming ball.

  • Sam Snow ’21 sets the ball.

  • Jessica Lane ’21 bumps the ball.

  • The team high fives the opposing team after the game.

  • Peyton Ferree ’22 hits the ball back over the net.

  • Peyton Ferree ’22 and Madeleine Shrull ’21 block the oncoming ball.

  • The team hugs after scoring a point.

  • Erin Fagan ’22 and Jessica Lane ’21 high-five after scoring a point.

  • The team congratulates each other after scoring a point.

  • Madeleine Shrull ’21 and teammate jump to block the ball.

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The JV Orange volleyball team fought viciously against the McNeil Mavericks on Sept. 4, but faced a loss of 0-2. In the first set, the team gained momentum and lost a close one by a narrow margin. In the second set, the Lady Warriors came out strong, but couldn’t maintain enough energy to win.

“The first game we started with really low energy but then we picked it up towards the end, it wasn’t quite enough to finish it out,” Coach Hall said. “Then the second game was actually the opposite. We started with a lot of energy and then kind of let it go through out that second set.”

At the beginning of the first set, the Warriors were down 9-15, but scored points with amazing spikes and tips from Madeline Shrull ‘21, Delaney Willing ‘21, and Peyton Ferree ‘22 to close the gap. During the intense match, the squad took a few timeouts to talk about a change in strategy. But unfortunately the plan did not succeed and the Mavericks came out on top 25-22.

“There was a point in the first set when we were down 19-23, and we came back and almost won. Some of us were also feeling really sick, including me, but we picked each other up and kept going,” Lauren King ‘20 said.

Starting off the second and final set, the Warriors played aggressively and looked determined to win the match. Sam Snow ‘21 spiked the ball to earn the first point of the match. Jessica Lane ‘21 made a killer save, but the Warriors didn’t earn the point. King saved the ball from going out and Giselle Kiefer ‘22 spiked it over to earn a point. The Lady Warriors worked hard, yet still fell short with a final score of 21-25.

“This week we have been working on service and hitting locations. They did a pretty good job at that so I am proud of them for all the hard work that they are putting in, and it is showing on the court. Now we need to just put all those pieces together,” Coach Hall said.

The Lady Warriors will play next against the Cedar Ridge Raiders at Cedar Ridge High School at 5:30p.m.