JV White Volleyball Triumphs over McNeil 2-0

Hayden Swanson, Managing Editor

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  • Lauren Kelly ’21 and Emma Marsden ’21 celebrate a win.

  • Alma Zirojevic ’21 gets ready to tip the ball.

  • Lauren Kelly ’21 sets the ball.

  • Emma Marsden ’21 spikes the ball.

  • Izzy Correll ’22 gets ready to hit the ball.

  • Lydia Harris ’22 gets ready to set the ball.

  • The team celebrates a point scored.

  • Lauren Kelly ’21 sets the ball for Catherine Ray ’22.

  • Izzy Correll ’22 gets ready to serve the ball.

  • Abbey Jennings ’22 prepares to hit the ball over the net.

  • Ellie Duff ’22 gets ready to serve the ball.

  • Alma Zirojevic ’21 jumps up to hit the ball back to the opposing teams court side.

  • Lauren Kelley ’21 bumps the ball in the air so teammate Emma Marsden ’21 can hit the ball to the opposing teams court side.

  • Ellie Duff ’22 jumps to block the approaching ball.

  • Ellie Duff ’22 attacks the ball.

  • Bella Garcia ’21 bumps the ball out of the warriors court side.

  • Bella Garcia ’21 , Emma Marsden ’21, and Lauren Kelley ’21 in place to defend their court side.

  • Bella Garcia ’21 hits the ball to opposing court side.

  • Lauren Kelley ’21 prepares to hit the ball and defend the Warriors court side.

  • Bella Garcia ’21 jumps up in attempts to block the ball from entering the Warriors court side.

  • Lydia Harris ’22 cheers on the team after a good play.

  • Bella Garcia ’21 doing a down ball to get the ball to the opposing teams court side.

  • Bella Garcia ’21 and Ellie Duff ’22 jump to block the ball.

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The JV White Volleyball team dominated McNeil on Tuesday, Sept. 4, with scores of 25-20 and 25-21 on both sets respectively. The team was relentless, and put in their best effort to never let their opponents pass them in score.

“I think we did well,” assistant volleyball coach Lanea Meyer said. “We’re improving and starting to look better every game which is all I can ask.”

The game was incredibly intense, and both teams put all their strength forward and maximized their effort to win. With audience members chanting, cheering, and stomping on the bleachers, the pressure was on. During one set, the game grew so intense, that libero Izzy Correll ‘22 threw herself to the ground in an effort to keep the ball off of it.

“I feel like we did very good today,” Correll said.  “When you’re the libero, your job is to be the most aggressive on the court. You see the ball and you have to go after it, even if it means you have to throw your body at it.”

McNeil has been a long time rival, and victory against them is always good for the team. Despite the odds being against this match with one of their best players out with a broken foot, they still managed to pull through with a solid game.

“We were really scared at the beginning because last year we got beat by McNeil really bad,” Lauren Kelly ‘21 said. “But it went actually really well, and we pulled through together as a team. And even though one of our best players broke her foot, we were able to win. In the first set, we destroyed them. In the second set they fought back really hard, but we were able to pull through.”

Though the team has been through difficult times in the past, they managed to overcome all that in a very exciting game. It may not have been perfect, but it was a definite step in the right direction.

“We’re going to continue working on defense,” Coach Meyer said. “That’s our biggest downfall right now, so we’ll continue working on that and we’ll go from there.”

With this victory behind them, the team now prepares to face Cedar Ridge away from home this Friday, Sept. 7.