Students and Faculty Build School Spirit at Second Pep Rally

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  • Students rise for the Alma Mater.

  • Eric Hawkins ’19 flips in mid-air.

  • Ms. Nicole White lip syncs to “In My Feelings” by Drake.

  • Break Dance Club member performs.

  • Ms. Judy Grimsley and the science department teachers do the “In My Feelings” Challenge.

  • Students do the “Baby Shark” dance with the language department teachers.

  • Mario Debs ’19 participates in the football and balloon game.

  • Eric Hawkins ’19 does a handstand.

  • Eric Hawkins ’19 cartwheels across the gym.

  • A Break Dance Club member does a flip.

  • Cheerleaders hype up the students during the Fight Song.

  • Language department teachers perform “Baby Shark.”

  • IB students dance to “I Like it Like That” by Cardi B.

  • Ms. White dresses like rapper Drake for the pep rally.

  • Students hold up signs for IB while watching the flashmob.

  • Elizabeth Wolf ’20 hypes up the crowd during her dance.

  • Anthony Pham ’19 and Vy Nguyen ’19 laugh while joining in to “Baby Shark”.

  • LOTE teachers perform “Baby Shark”.

  • Elizabeth Wolf ’20 and Ellen Wiemann ’20 laugh after being called up in front of the students.

  • Kylie Chesebro-Lara ’20 dances amongst the SunDancers.

  • Claire Fleming ’21 points to the winner of a pizza.

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Students of all grade levels gathered in the gym on Sept. 28 for a pep rally. The pep rally was very spirited and exciting, with lots of dancing and representatives talking about the various groups they were in. One thing that made this pep rally stand out from all the rest were teachers from various departments competing for applause by lip syncing and dancing to pop music.

COACH TRAVIS DALRYMPLE: What’s your favorite part about hosting pep rallies?
“I just love to see how all the students come together, share that Westwood pride, and just cheer for the school,” Coach Dalrymple said.

TENNIS: What do you want the student body to know about tennis? How do you feel about being represented in pep rallies?
“Tennis is a sport everyone should care about and come support. We win a lot of things,” Zeyad Abdulrahman ‘22 said. “I feel that tennis is being acknowledged for something, and [is] not just another Westwood sport people don’t know about.”

FOOTBALL: What have you accomplished as a team so far? How do pep rallies increase school spirit and hype for football games?
“We’re doing pretty well in our district — I think there’s only two teams ahead of us,” Jackson Metzger ‘21 said. “[Pep rallies] just get everybody aware of the games and tell them where it is so they can be there to support us.”

SWIM: How have your meets been? How does it feel to sit with the team during pep rallies?
“They’ve been pretty good so far. We’ve had three meets, but only two have been against actual teams. One was the orange and black meet where we invite teachers to come watch us,” Joseph Christensen ‘21 said. “It’s really fun to be with the people I play the same sports as.”

SUNDANCERS: How long had you worked on your routine and what was your favorite part? Do you ever get nervous before you perform? If so, how do you get over it?
“A few weeks. It’s just really fun to do and we get really into it and have a lot of fun,” Sadie Armstrong ‘19 said. “I do get nervous. I just understand we’ve been working really hard on it and it looks good, so I don’t need to be.”

CHEERLEADERS: What’s your favorite part about performing at pep rallies?
“I like seeing all the students get excited and into it,” Riley Smith ‘19 said.

IB: What did you perform at the pep rally? Why was that song picked? How did it feel to have IB represented at the pep rally?
“For I Like It by Cardi B, I did a cha cha dance as a backup dancer. [It] was one of the big hits of this year,” Anthony Pham ‘19 said. “It felt really good. We don’t do a lot of public stuff for the rest of the school so it was nice to show the school IB.”

LANGUAGE TEACHERS: Can you explain your performance? How did you prepare for it?
“So we wanted to do Baby Shark because we wanted to pick a song our students could relate to. It’s very popular, and it was very easy for us to just learn the choreography,” Mme. Anne Macharia said. “Because the department’s so big, we wanted to give different roles so we had baby shark, mama shark, daddy shark, etc. We had about three rehearsals before and after school. We just practiced and worked together as a team — it was a lot of fun.”