Students Create Jekyll and Hyde Poster Project

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  • Ms. Drown’s English IV students created brightly colored posters for their English project.

  • The posters are split in half with one half showing the personality of Mr. Jekyll and the other half showing the personality of Mr. Hyde.

  • Students work together to add details to their poster.

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Ms. Drown’s English IV class recently created a project relating to the contrasting personalities of the two main characters in Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The students read the book in two weeks and had two blocks to create their project.

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is about a man, Dr. Jekyll, who drank a potion and separated his two personality into one relatively good side, which is himself, and another evil side, which is Mr. Hyde,” Ethan Riser ‘19 said.

The students were grouped together and created posters where they drew half of both characters. They then surrounded each character with quotes from the book that described the character. Every poster included the central idea of the story.

Teamwork was very important in the groups. The students divided the work equally and worked to their strengths to finish their project. Although the project was a poster drawing, the thoughts of the students and the ideas behind their poster mattered more than the artistic elements for Ms. Drown.

“We all drew at least one part of Dr. Jekyll on the poster, and we each searched for a quote. It was important for us to get along to have everything run smoothly,” Erica Ofori-Atta ‘19 said. “Expressing our ideas was more important than to be good artistically.”

The students took this project further than the characters. They related it to themselves and everyone around them.

“Everyone has two sides to themselves. You need both a good side and a bad side to be human,” Victoria Nguyen ‘19 said.

The students are continuing their unit in British Literature. The posters are on display in the D wing outside Ms. Drown’s door.