Students Perform at Homecoming Despite Rain

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  • Hallie Klein ’19 jumps and smiles as she performs during the halftime show.

  • Warrior Pride member April Gao ’20 performs during half-time.

  • Andrea Yi ’19 raises the edge of her skirt while smiling towards the crowd.

  • Waving her poms in the air, Claire Burton ’19 leaps into the air, leading with her right foot.

  • Ju Ruiz ’19 shakes her body to the drumline as part of the SunDancer halftime routine.

  • During the Homecoming halftime performance, Cecilia Adair ’19 waves her skirt back and forth.

  • Smiling at the audience, Mehak Satsangi ’19 opens her skirt up towards the crowd.

  • Turning towards the crowd, Haereen Lee ’20 raises her skirt up.

  • Ella Loper ’20 does a turn while smiling and waving her pompoms in the air.

  • Campbell Currah ’19 performs with the SunDancers during the halftime performance at the Homecoming game.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • Senior Lieutenant Deirdra Mantia creates the letter L with her streamers.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • The SunDancers wait with their heads down until the band to begins to play their music.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • Anaya Kashikar ’21 strides down the field in her purple skirt.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • Warrior Pride member, Sarah Christman ’19 creates a vertical file with the other members during the dance.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • Warrior Pride members begin to stride down the field while swinging their skirts and Warrior Band plays the fight song while they head to their first formation.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • Camille Houssay ’19 swings her red skirt in and out while walking down the field to find her next formation.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
  • Band members look at their sheet music and play with Warrior Pride and SunDancers during the halftime performance.

    Photo Courtesy of Randall Metzger
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The fine arts departments, including choir, band, SunDancers, Warrior Pride, along with American Sign Language students, performed at the Homecoming game against Vandergrift on Oct. 19. Though the weather was cold and rainy, students were still excited about the game and organizations still performed, making that night one to remember.

Band performed their set at the Homecoming game during halftime while the SunDancers danced with them.

BAND: How does it feel to perform at your last Homecoming game?

“It’s kind of weird. If I think about everything I’m doing for the last time, I’ll just get really depressed,” Cordell Foulk ‘19 said. “I’m going to miss all these people. It’s been four years and I literally feel like this is my family, and if I think about the fact that I’m going to have to leave them all — it’s just insane.”

The choir invited Canyon Vista and Grisham Middle School choirs to join them in singing the  national anthem and alma mater at the Homecoming game.

CHOIR: Why is it important for choir to sing the national anthem at the Homecoming game?

“Even though we’re all so diverse, we need to unify under this national anthem to show that we all care and how much [Homecoming] matters to us. And of course to show that there’s a bigger idea to the game than just football,” Sejal Jain ‘20 said. “Choir’s always been very small, not very represented at these kinds of things. So I’m really excited that our program is growing and we were invited to sing here. It’s a good opportunity to network with the middle schools. It really sets us up for the future and really gives us a good reputation.”

Warrior Pride performed during halftime with the SunDancers. Their piece was a skirt dance to Burn Baby Burn Disco Inferno by Sebas Rivera.

WARRIOR PRIDE: What was it like performing with another dance group during half-time?

“It was really fun and exciting. We worked so hard for it. The fact that we were doing it together and [that we] rehearsed together through the rain and cold was really cool,” Olivia Chen ‘22 said.

The SunDancers performed a ribbon dance during halftime. They also performed while the Homecoming court was announced.

SUNDANCERS: What’s different about performing at Homecoming than other football games?

“There’s a lot more spirit in the stands. Everyone’s a lot more cheerful and there are more students,” Kylie Chesebro-Lara ‘20 said.

American Sign Language (ASL) students had the opportunity to sign the national anthem and alma mater alongside the choir, interpreting the songs for the audience.

ASL: What does it mean to you to perform at the Homecoming game with ASL?

“Performing with ASL means that I get to show that I’m appreciative of other cultures and inclusive,” Gabe Kotick said. “My favorite part was going out in front of everyone, it gives me a rush, and everybody is looking at you because they don’t understand it but you want them to understand it.”