Students Rally School Spirit at Homecoming Pep Rally Despite Rain

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  • Seniors Ezra Ibarra and Cece Saylee smile to the crowd as Ibarra is announced.

  • Vivian Tran ’19 is escorted by the clarinet section.

  • Senior Class President Shruthi Nampoothiri ’19 and Avi Kacker ’19 clap for the organizations at the pep rally.

  • Hayden Hashem ’19 is escorted by Abby Cook ’20 as they smile to the crowd.

  • Waiting to walk down the middle of the gym, RJ Martinez ’21 escorts Ju Ruiz ’19.

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Due to the safety concerns attributed to rain on Thursday, Oct. 18, the annual Homecoming parade was canceled. As the event had tremendous school and community value, Principal Mario Acosta spent days trying to find alternative solutions to avoid rough weather, but all plans sadly failed in an effort to protect the health of the student body. Despite the Homecoming parade setback, the pep rally proceeded after school in the field house, on Thursday, Oct. 18.

“Because of the extremely unpredictable Texan weather, one of our most special and memorable events, the Homecoming Parade, had to be canceled,” Homecoming Parade Committee Chair Sathvik Allala ’20 said. “It was especially sad to see those who put their hearts and souls into their club floats unrecognized. However, we were overjoyed to see these same people pumped with school spirit and passion at the pep rally, despite the unfortunate circumstances.”

Having planned two months ahead, many events of the other Homecoming Committees were similarly jeopardized because of weather.

“Court had some changes due to the weather. We had to reconsider the dress code and attire due to the weather. The canceling of the parade also canceled the drivers of the convertible, leading to a lot of last-minute confusion,” Homecoming Court Committee Chair Brandon Qin ’20 “[In addition,] last year’s King and Queen were put under stress to make it to the game as the football game was moved earlier.”

All in all, though the unforeseen weather circumstances were a challenge, this year’s Homecoming was one to remember because school spirit shone brightly.

“It was great to see everyone still excited for the Court nominees. Despite being in the rain, our nominees, as well as our Beau and Sweethearts, came to represent their clubs at the game,” Student Council President Janice Oh ’19 said. “Seeing the variety of colorful umbrellas in the bleachers also reminded me of how so many Warriors came to support the HoCo game.”