JV Girls’ Basketball Takes Down Stony Point 49-32

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  • Peyton Halley ’21 passes the ball across the court.

  • Emma Zion ’21 shoots for the basket.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 follows a Stony Point opponent in attempt to steal the ball.

  • Rylee Crider ’21 looks for an open teammate to pass the ball to.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 guards against a Stony Point opponent.

  • Emma Zion ’21 prepares to shoot for the basket.

  • Emma Zion ’21 cuts through the opposing defense to shoot.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 passes the ball across the court.

  • Megan Luu ’21 jumps to score a basket.

  • Caroline Hand ’22 runs across the court to score a basket.

  • Emma Goolsbey ’21 runs across the court in attempt to catch the ball.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 20 the JV girls’ basketball took down the Stony Point Tigers with a score of 49-32.

The Warriors started the game with a layup and a three-pointer, but Stony Point retaliated with their own layup, and as they went for a second shot, the ball rebounded and Emma Zion ‘21 scored a three pointer, with Rylee Crider ‘21 scoring another right after. The Warriors were able to score four more points, but also had two fouls, and the Tigers got two more points from free throws, ending the quarter at 16-4, in favor of the Warriors.

“We practiced hard,” Grace Duff ‘20 said. “We made sure our defense was prepared, and we worked together as a cohesive unit ”

Two fouls were called on the Warriors at the start of the second quarter, but Zion brings it back after a rebound, taking the score to 16-6 with the Warriors in the lead. Another foul went to the Warriors, and the Tigers got two successful free throws, but refusing to be bested, Megan Luu ‘21 and Zion got four more baskets totaling. To finish the quarter, each team scored a layup in the last 40 seconds ending with a score of 29-12, still in favor of the Warriors.

“We did pretty good today for the amount of people we had on the team, because a lot of people are gone due to injuries and vacations,” Luu said.

Right after halftime the Tigers began to rack up points and scored twice. Crider scored a three-pointer for the Warriors in the third quarter, and the Lady Warriors also gained 4 points from free throws and a layup. Stony Point finished the quarter with three more layups, but the Warriors kept their lead with a score of 38-23.

“Since district started, I take the games more seriously because I want to go undefeated,” Jaslyn Williams ‘20 said, “We played well as a team today and we had a lot of communication.”

The Tigers continued their streak with another layup, but they got two fouls in a row, and the Warriors succeeded at one free throw. Stony Point scored, and right after so did the Warriors, the teams continued trading off scoring until Emma Goolsbey ‘21 scored the last basket of the game ending with a score of 49-32 in favor of the Warriors.

“Today was fun, though a little annoying because the referees weren’t making the calls that we expected them to,” Dinah Bray ‘21 said. “I think we could have done better defensively, we scored, and we won but we still have things that we need to improve on.”

The Lady Warriors will take on the Vista Ridge Rangers next on Friday, Dec. 7 in the Field House.