Varsity Girls’ Basketball Triumphs Over Killeen 61-51

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  • Makayla Coy ’19 passes the ball to a teammate.

  • The Warriors add another point to the board, making the score 13-8.

  • Danielle Davalos ’19 dribbles to the hoop while the opposing team tries to steal the ball.

  • Anisha Chintala ’21 and a Killeen player reach for the ball after a rebound.

  • Annalise Galliguez ’20 leads the fast break.

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 passes the ball to her teammate.

  • Danielle Davalos ’19 shoots a free throw.

  • Oni Boodoo ’19 scores a free throw.

  • Oni Boodoo ’19 reaches for a layup.

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The varsity girls basketball team defeated the Killeen Kangaroos on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in a very competitive game with a final score of 61-51. It was a very close, but the team was able to come out on top despite some difficulty near the beginning.

“I think in the first half we came out pretty slow,” Makayla Coy ‘19, said. “We weren’t as aggressive as we needed to be, and Killeen is a really aggressive, get-after-you kind of team, and we were a little scared.”

Killeen came out swinging in the first half, managing to rack up a whopping seven fouls within the first five minutes of the game. Despite their best efforts, the Warriors struggled to keep a tied score, but managed to emerge out of the first half with a score of 26-26. At the time, Killeen was up to ten fouls compared to the Warrior’s six.

“In the first half, we let them be very aggressive,” Danielle Davalos ‘19 said.  “We let them get a lot of steals.”

Once halftime arrived, it became clear that the Warriors needed to up their game if they wanted to emerge victorious. With Coach Doug Davalos’ pep talk motivating them, the team returned to the court with a new fire in their eyes not seen before, and retaliated against Killeen with as much strength as they could muster, reaching a near 20 point advantage at the end of the third quarter.

“In the second half, we calmed down and controlled the tempo,” Davalos said. “We did a good job of moving the ball and not turning it over.”

As Killeen fouled time and time again, reaching 21 by the game’s conclusion, it opened the opportunity for the team to score as many open shots as possible. With a plentiful amount of these, the Lady Warriors were able to gain a huge advantage over their opponents. Killeen quickly tired out after starting the game as aggressive as possible, which pushed the Warriors ahead even more.

“We really struggled with our passes, with being able to make post entry passes, and  being able to beat them [Killeen] off the dribble,” Coach Davalos said. “We talked about at halftime that you have to be able to face pressure. In the second half, we faced it. We missed a lot of open shots in the first half, but in the second half, we made shots, and when you do, everything is a little cheerier. But it was a good team win; I give Killeen a lot of credit. They put a lot of pressure on us.”

The Warriors will face off against the Hutto Hippos in a home game on Friday, Nov. 9 at 5:30 p.m.