Freshman Orange Achieves Third Win Against Round Rock 43-34

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  • Zach Engles ’22 and Carson Tuner ’22 fight for a rebound.

  • Carson Turner ’22 passes the ball to Carson King ’22.

  • Karsten Besser ’22 dribbles the ball.

  • Eric Cadar ’22 attempts to shoot the ball.

  • Kike Trevino ’22 jumps to try to tip the ball into the hoop.

  • Freshmen Vinay Majjiga and Thomas Dyar block a Round Rock player to prevent him from making a pass.

  • Eric Cadar ’22 attempts to make a shot.

  • Trying to avoid a Round Rock player, Zach Engles ’22 dribbles the ball to other side of the court.

  • Thomas Dyar ’22 dribbles the ball.

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On Tuesday, Dec. 11, the freshman orange boys’ basketball team triumphed against Round Rock with a final score of 43-34.

“I thought it was a great game, the kids played really well,” Coach Paul Thailing said. “And it was important for us as we went out and got our third district win in a row.”

The initial moments of the first quarter proved that the teams were well matched with both blocking each other from scoring any points. However, Round Rock was eventually the first to score. The Warriors were quick to fight back, with a shot from Karsten Bresser ’22 putting them ahead 3-2. Blocks from Eric Cadar ’22 also kept Round Rock on their toes. A number of out-of-bounds passes from both sides and a three-pointer from the Dragons brought the score at the end of the quarter up to 9-5 in Round Rock’s favor.

“We stayed in the lead the whole time so I think it went pretty well,” Bresser said.

In the second quarter, the Warriors came back fighting, with a succession of four two-pointers: two from Vinay Majjiga ’22, and one from both Thomas Dyar ’22 and Bresser. The Dragons attempted to catch up, getting two two-pointers of their own and were helped by an out-of-bounds pass from the Warriors. Nevertheless, the Warriors still came out on top with a close lead 17-16.

“All of the team did a really good job today,” Coach Thailing said. “Vinay Majjiga did great work offensively and was really aggressive when going to the basket, and created points for us when we really needed them.”

The third quarter started with the Dragons gaining a lead of 18-17; however the Warriors retaliated with four two-pointers from Majjiga and Dyar which brought the score to 27-20. Majjiga also executed a successful three-pointer to end the quarter with the team ahead of the Dragons 30-20. The Warriors maintained their lead all the way through the fourth quarter, with Dyar and Majjiga’s two-point shots constantly pushing the team further away from their competition. Eric Gu ’22 made an unexpected three-pointer with one minute on the clock that set the crowd ablaze and raised the score to 41-28. With the Dragons slowly crawling behind, a shot from Majjiga sealed the victory and set the final score at 43-34.

“All in all it was a great team effort. We’re excited to get a win right there. [For the next game],” Thailing said.

The Warriors will compete against the McNeil Mavericks on Dec. 14 at 5:30 p.m.