JV Boys’ Basketball Slips Past Round Rock 53-46


Colton Roberts

Lucian Tripon ’21 shoots a high-arcing free throw to secure the win near the end of the game.

The JV boys’ basketball team took on the Round Rock Dragons in an intense game on Tuesday, Dec. 11 in the field house, resulting in a win of 53-46.

The game began with the Warriors in the lead, who started the night off with a lot of energy from each player. As the score kept fluctuating for both teams, Round Rock swooped in, boosting their score up to 31-25. Eric Kipper ‘21 showed good effort in trying to fight the opposition, but Round Rock ended up being slightly ahead of the Warriors by the halftime mark.

“Our team’s weaknesses were ball security, a lot of turnovers, a lot of not very smart plays,” Jake Lacey ‘20 said. “We’re going to have to practice our press break and our other plays to make sure that we can execute them well.”

During the second half, the team came back, began making better passes, and started working better together defensively. Glen Liu ‘21 gave good effort in trying to maintain a hold of the ball, but the two teams were constantly running back and forth across the court. Anish Maddipoti ‘20 had good ball movement with Fenix Wiles ‘20 across the court, which contributed to the Warriors’ win with a final score of 53-46.

“In the game of basketball there’s always ups and downs, but at the end of the first half we were a little tired so we weren’t as well conditioned,” Justin Chen ‘20 said. “We got a speech from the coach and we had to bring it together because we kept passing the ball and getting open shots and overall [after] I think we had better energy.”

The team will compete in their next game on Friday, Dec. 14 at McNeil High School.