Students and Teachers Face Off at Dodgeball Fundraiser

On Saturday, Dec. 15, the annual softball fundraiser dodgeball tournament took place in the Big Gym and featured a number of different teams, which included both students and teachers.

This year was the second year of the dodgeball fundraiser, which began as a way for the softball team to earn money. The gym was set up into two different sections, both where two teams would play against the other, thus there were always four teams on the court. The teams mostly consisted of Westwood students, but there was also a team filled with teachers, as well as one with Canyon Vista students.

“We started doing it last year and it’s a fun way to earn money for the team and everyone has fun doing it so it’s not a burden and we look forward to it every year,” softball player Alyssa Popelka ‘19 said. “Each player costs ten dollars when they enter. So what we did is we tried to get as many teams recruited as possible and everyone just paid ten dollars when they came in.”

The dodgeball game consisted of several rotations of the four teams, every round the winning team on both sides of the court would move up on the leaderboard, until there were only two left to battle. By the end of the game, Team Snoop-Dodgey-Dodge and Trey’s Basketball Team played against each other for the final round for the second year in a row, but Trey’s Basketball Team reigned as the winner.

“We lost to the same team twice so I just think they had better players than we did because we couldn’t catch,” Walton Zientek 19’ said. “Last year we beat them in the championship and we played the same team and they beat us but it was still fun.”