Freshman Girls’ Basketball Defeated by Cedar Ridge 53-35

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  • Gabbi Wallace ’22 dribbles the ball across the court.

  • Izzy Brown ’22 dribbles across the court with an opposing defender close behind.

  • Gabbi Wallace ’22 shoots a basket.

  • Gabbi Wallace ’22 dribbles the ball while looking for a teammate to make a pass to.

  • Izzy Brown ’22 tries to pass the ball around an opponent.

  • Gabbi Wallace ’22 shoots a free throw.

  • Gabbi Wallace ’22 dribbles the ball across the court with tthe opposing defenders close behind.

  • Kaylina Martinez ’22 tries to find an opening to shoot a basket.

  • Kaylina Martinez ’22 shoots and scores a basket.

  • Elaine Ren ’22 looks for a teammate to pass to.

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The freshman girls’ basketball team couldn’t manage a win against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Friday, Jan. 11. They lost 53-35, fighting until the bitter end.

Cedar Ridge started the game strong, taking the lead early on. The Warriors didn’t give up, scoring their first point when Gabbi Wallace ‘22 was fouled and given a free throw. The Raiders stayed steadily ahead, scoring several more points before Lydia Harris ‘22 managed to score one for the Warriors. Soon after, Izzy Brown ‘22 scored the first layup of the game and Kaylina Martinez ‘22 made another free throw, which pulled the score to 20-6.

“One of the areas that we really need to keep improving on is how we’re boxing out,” Coach Jennifer Scazzero said. “Cedar Ridge got second, third, [and] fourth chance shots on offense and that’s something that we really need to work on.”

The Warriors continued fighting, coming back with Wallace and Brown leading the way. Both girls had rebounds that fired up the team and brought them closer to the Raiders’ score. Despite the Raiders’ aggressive offense, the girls kept up their defense and didn’t let them score again. After a tough first half, Brown got a rebound in the final seconds, bringing the score to 21-15.

“I feel like defensively our team did really well,” Martinez said. “We just need to work more on offense.”

Westwood started the second half with a bang when Wallace immediately scored a layup, bringing the game to a four-point difference with the Raiders slightly ahead. The Raiders, however, were not to be outdone and scored as well, making layups and the occasional free throw. With two minutes left in the quarter, Martinez scored off a rebound from Wallace’s shot. Despite a three-pointer by Harris, Cedar Ridge continued to get shots off, making the game 51-30.

“One of our problems is staying strong in the third and fourth quarter,” Wallace said. “We need to have good endurance and be able to play the same throughout the whole game.”

A few fouls in the fourth quarter resulted in Martinez scoring her last free throw of the game. In the final ten seconds, Harris closed the game by scoring a two-pointer, making the final score 53-35.

The Lady Warriors will take on the Hendrickson Hawks on Tuesday, Jan. 15.