Hendrickson Hinders Warriors’ Advances, Westwood Defeated 1-0

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  • After being passed to, Santiago Blanco ’21 juggles the ball.

  • Yash Velagapudi ’21 keeps the ball away from a defending Hendrickson player.

  • Tomas Llano ’21 dribbles the ball away from the Westwood goal.

  • Matthew Jack ’22 passes the ball to an open teammate upfield.

  • After the ball was kicked out of bounds, Victor Chavez ’21 kicks the ball back into play.

  • Matthew Jack ’22 chases the ball with Hendrickson players behind him.

  • Emilio Penny ’20 dives to grab a shot taken by a Hendrickson player.

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On Tuesday, Jan. 15, the boys’ JV orange team played the Hendrickson Hawks on a cold, windy night. The teams were well matched, but the Warriors ultimately lost 1-0 in a nail-biting defensive brawl.

“I think the game went very well. We pushed them with all we had, Hendrickson’s a very good team, we knew that coming in,” Daniel Brown ‘21 said.

Westwood played consistent tough defense, with a score of 0-0 at the half. Despite solid blocks by Victor Brown ‘21 and D. Brown and confident stops by goalie Emilio Penny ‘20, the Hawks scored in the final six minutes of the match. Attempts to advance offensively were made by Yash Velagapudi ‘21 but did not result in goals for the team.

“We had one unlucky break. [Emilio Penny] did everything he could and, honestly, that score did not reflect [our team’s] effort, but we’ll be ready for them next time,” D. Brown said.

The Warriors will be taking on the Vista Ridge Rangers on Friday, Jan. 18.