AP Statistics Students Analyze Data for Project

By Rosie Deal, Keana Saberi, and Ruhee Nemawarkar

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  • Alexandra Torres ’19 maintains balance with the obstacle of her vision being impaired to due to the “drunk goggles.”

  • Avery Hutson ’19 stumbles down the line as she loses balance due to the goggles.

  • Madison Larrea ’19 tries to walk in a straight line as the goggles make it difficult.

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On Monday, Feb. 11, students from Mr. Youn’s AP Statistics class took to the halls to test out “drunk goggles” as part of a project to compare statistics of the errors they made when taking a sobriety test. A sobriety test is designed to show whether someone is under the influence of alcohol which the goggles recreated by interfering with the students’ vision. Students first took the test without the goggles, keeping track of the number of infractions they had, and then tried again while wearing the goggles.

“We take the statistics of how many times we’re off the line when we’re ‘sober’ and once we’re wearing the goggles we count again,” Madison Larrea ‘19 said. “We’re going to combine how many the women got wrong to the men and then we’ll do the math.”

The project was a way for the students to have fun while still learning and applying the math to a simulated situation. Students then calculated the results of the experiment in class and compared the statistics of the girls to the boys.

“It’s fun to see everyone mess up and they look really funny with the goggles on,” Larrea said.

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