B&I Academy Host Career Exploration Day

Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • Ms. Glenda Hovenkamp welcomes a partner to the Career Exploration Day.

  • Partners chat with each other before the event begins.

  • Academy Ambassadors arrive early to help set up.

  • Mr. David Tucker talks about working at an accounting firm.

  • Ms. Michelle Pearcy gives advice on marketing jobs.

  • Students ask questions about management careers.

  • Students listen to Mr. Patrick Newman talk about video production.

  • Ms. Bianca Bentzin speaks to students about law.

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Career Exploration Day, hosted by the Business and Industry (B&I) Academy, was held for business students in the Great Room of the library on Friday, Feb. 8. The student governing team of the B&I academy invited business partners to attend and speak about their careers.

“The student ambassadors did almost all of the organization for this event,” academy lead teacher Mrs. Hovenkamp said. “Mr. Siler partnered with Kelsia to help make plans for it. I think they did a good job recruiting with teachers and to get students here. We had a better turn out this year than we did last year, so I was pleased. We had about seven business partners and probably between 40 to 50 students.”

Student ambassadors contacted different businesses to find representatives that could help attendees learn more about their chosen career path, as well as other careers. After organizing the event, students hung up fliers, advertised the event through B&I teachers, and recruited volunteers to help set up and clean up after the event.

“I thought it would take a lot longer to set up, but it was actually pretty simple,” Vani Shah ‘20 said. “So far, this event has been really fun and I think we did a great job promoting and organizing the event.”

Business partners from international and local companies came to speak about their jobs and listen to students’ inquiries. Students were provided with a list of possible questions they could ask about the partners careers.

“Last year, when we did this, it was a really fun experience for me,” Anika Nagji ‘21 said. “I was able to speak to the accounting and finance booth and they gave us advice on how to get into that route throughout high school and how to grow in general.”