French Students Create Infomercials During Class

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  • Zeyad Elchouemi ’22 asks freshmen Leila Allebe and Aria Hegde a question during their presentation.

  • Freshmen Leila Allebe and Aria Hegde pause during their infomercial presentation.

  • Miranda Ward ’22 and her classmates act out an argument for a mock lipstick commercial in their French class.

  • John Abreu ’21 and his group act out a commercial for their French project that promotes hygiene.

  • French students perform a skit that represents a commercial for lipstick.

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On Thursday, Feb. 7, French II Pre-AP/IB students participated in a project to imitate real French infomercials in Madame Barbara Brandon-Suliin’s french class. The students picked a hygienic product, like toothpaste or shampoo, and made a commercial in French trying to persuade their classmates to buy the product.

“[It was fun] that we were able to work together to put this together,” Aria Hegde ‘22 said. “We were supposed to make it funny too, so we said our toothpaste could cure cancer.”

The students had been learning about daily routines, and were assigned to create an infomercial using the vocabulary they had used throughout the unit. The point of the exercise was to get the students to be immersed in French culture and expand their knowledge about French media. It gave the students an opportunity to be creative, and find unique ways to practice the language.

“I really liked the amount of creativity we got to use in this project,” Leila Allebe ‘22 said. “It was a lot different than our other projects.”