Therapy Dogs Help Students De-stress


Photo By Ishika Samant

Lacey, a 10-year-old therapy dog, looks at a treat.

Audrey Lemen, Index Manager

On Wednesday, Feb. 13 during both lunches, Coach Melissa Talley, in cooperation with Therapy Pet Pals, decided to bring some “puppy love” to school before Valentine’s Day for a Paw-ty on the Patio. Students were ecstatic to see the dogs and give them some attention during the holiday.

“We were thinking of the theme of ‘puppy love,’ and some of the posters we put up around the school, it’s to make you feel better,” Coach Talley said. “Sometimes people don’t have a Valentine, and it’s a sad holiday for them.”

Students lined up along the patio to pet the dogs and receive quick stress relief during their school day. Between classes, students stopped by to see the dogs and pet them if they had time. Students adored the dogs and petted them while studying.

“Although the line was long, it was definitely worth the wait because the second I approached one of the dogs, I instantly felt so much better. This week has felt so long and the class I had prior of meeting the dogs left me in a bad mood, but being with the dogs made me forget about my worries for a few minutes,” Haereen Lee ‘20 said.