Varsity Boys’ Soccer Defeats McNeil 3-0

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  • Noah Lugani ’21 steals the ball.

  • Winding up, Theo Givens ’20 attempts to score a goal.

  • Niko Harris ’20 steals the ball from the opposing McNeil players.

  • Niko Djordjevic ’21 falls while trying to kick the ball.

  • With a McNeil player approaching, Niko Harris ’20 kicks the ball across the field.

  • Niko Djordjevic ’21 kicks the ball while being guarded by a McNeil player.

  • After stealing the ball from a Maverick player, Samuel Helwig ’19 prepares to pass the ball to a teammate.

  • West Bevins ’20 jumps in the air to build momentum to kick the ball.

  • As he runs up to the ball, Nikolaos Harris ’20 prepares to kick it.

  • West Bevins ’20 steals the ball from a Maverick player.

  • Avi Kacker ’19 passes the ball across the field to a teammate.

  • Lalo Rodriguez ’19 watches the ball before stealing it from a McNeil player.

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The varsity boys’ soccer team defended the Warrior Bowl from the McNeil Mavericks on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Despite emerging with a large lead over their opponents, the Warriors had to deal with a relentless defense from the Mavericks.

The first half of the game was rather uneventful, as both teams played incredibly strong defense. No goals were scored despite an abundance of shots. Just as it seemed that halftime would arrive before the first goal, Theo Givens ‘20 successfully shot a goal, gaining a small but valuable one point advantage over the Mavericks. With just nine seconds left on the clock, the Mavericks were unable to counter, ending the first half with a score of 1-0.

“I think we played a good game,” Anthony Bibbo ‘20 said. “We recognized that McNeil played a strong game as well. We knew coming to the game that they weren’t going to be the best, but we were prepared to fight. We started out slower, but by the second half, we had scored two more goals.”

The second half of the game saw the Warriors solidifying their lead with aggressive offense with positive results. Givens once again made another goal, and a couple minutes later, Bibbo also scored. Ten minutes remained, and the Warriors continued their strong defense for the rest of the game, finishing with a score of 3-0; yet another win for the Warriors.

The Warriors will face the Vandegrift Vipers away from home on Tuesday, March 5.