Choir Holds Pre-UIL Concert to Showcase Music

Bailey Armosky, Heritage Assistant Editor

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  • The Varsity Women warm up before singing the program.

  • Varsity Women show off their skills during the concert.

  • Varsity Women close the concert with their final UIL piece.

  • Chamber choir warms up before the concert.

  • Chamber choir performs their song during their Pre-UIL concert.

  • Chamber Choir sings their second piece to prepare for UIL.

  • Getting into the song, Chamber Choir sings their final song.

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Prior to their UIL competition, head director Mr. Andre Clark held a Pre-UIL Concert for the Varsity Women and Chamber Choirs on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at Hope Presbyterian Church. The two groups showcased music they would be performing for judging at their UIL competition.

The Varsity Women’s choir started off the night and performed two of their three UIL pieces, Song of Miriam, a melodic song about self discovery, and Maitag, Op. 64: No. 1. Fruh Morgens, a lively German song.

“We have a lot more work to do on our songs and I wish they had been done better,” Lizzie Wolf ‘20 said. “We need to make some changes because I think our songs are great, we just need to put more work into them.”

Chamber Choir followed performing three acapella pieces, The Blue Bird, Rytmus, and Sicut Cervus. These songs were also taken to a competition, Madrigal Festival in San Antonio, to further prepare for the concert as well as the UIL competition.

“I am very excited about the songs we have this year and I feel like we got more confidence from going to Madrigal Festival and learned how to improve our work even further so we should sound really good at UIL.” Ashley Howell ‘20 said.

Varsity Women will compete in UIL on Monday, March 4, and Chamber Choir will compete Tuesday, March 5, at Georgetown High school.

“Both groups have put in a lot of work and we want to continue our streak of doing well at UIL so let’s see where we go from here.” Katya Lopez ‘20 said.