JV Girls’ Soccer Defeated by Vandergrift Vipers 4-0

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  • Claire Carpenter ’21 throws the ball into the game.

  • Ella Moss ’22 goes against an opponent for the ball.

  • Claire Carpenter ’21 prepares for a corner kick.

  • Sophia Ghelardini ’21 goes against a Viper for the ball.

  • In a game against the Vandegrift Vipers, Izzy Brown ’22 attempts to keep the ball away from an opponent.

  • Emma Goolsbey ’21 runs and attempts to steal the ball away from a Viper.

  • The Lady Warriors cheer each other on before the game starts.

  • Katelyn Woodruff ’21 dribbles the ball downfield, surrounded by opponents.

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The JV girls’ soccer team went head to head with the Vandegrift Vipers on Tuesday, March 5. Despite a well thought out game plan and some great passes, the Lady Warriors lost 4-0.

“We were really trying to pass to each other and even though we did pretty good at communicating, we want to more and as well be more aggressive,” Ella Moss ‘22 said.  

Kickoff by the Warriors began the game. Vandegrift came in possession of the ball and a had a close attempt at a goal by the Viper’s forward players. The Lady Warriors began with strong defense and one immediate miss didn’t stop them from continuously communicating to one another about strategy. Goalkeeper Gabbi Wallace ‘22 defended the goal attentively and called out to her teammates to keep passing to one another. Despite the secure guarding of the goal, the Vipers scored, achieving the lead during the first half. The Lady Warriors then regained their strength, gaining a corner kick and reaching very close to scoring, but eventually missing. Eliza Kotick ‘22 and Anita You ‘22 worked as one to reach Vandegrift’s goal and their handling of the ball contributed to a commendable shot attempt. Vandegrift scored their second and third goals, yet the determination by the Warriors was undeniable, lead by captain Olivia Williams ‘21 whose precise ballwork helped boost their efforts.

The second half of the game begin with Wallace using her quick reflexes to save a attempt by the Vipers and reflecting their advances. Though their time was running low, the Warriors made a few great passes and though it didn’t end in a goal, the team’s vigilant minding of the ball showed the players’ strengths despite falling four points behind due to a last minute goal by Vandegrift.

“Today we had a tough game, but towards the end we were really trying to fight back and be aggressive,” Karina Howard ‘22 said. “We were very strong and and we didn’t let the score get the best of us.”

During their next game, the Lady Warriors will go up against Stony Point in a home game on Tuesday, March 12.