Orchestra Holds Final Concert of Year

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  • Symphony Orchestra plays Bohemian Rhapsody while the video is projected in the background.

  • Symphony Orchestra stands to take a bow after playing their final piece.

  • Sophomores Elliot Kim, Edward Seo, Erin Zhang, Anna Chiu, and Hannah Liu pose together after their orchestra concert.

  • Students and parents gather together in the cafeteria to listen to each of the groups play.

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Orchestra performed their fifth and final concert of the year on Wednesday, May 8. They continued the newly established tradition of playing with videos, this year dubbing the occasion “Night at the Movies.” Parents and students who attended the show were given popcorn and drinks to emulate the theater experience.

The show began similar to the concert last year with the Concert Orchestra playing the rendition of the theme from Game of Thrones. The Camerata Orchestra followed with Gollum’s theme from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, a much slower, more somber piece to contrast with The Spirit of Adventure from Disney-Pixar’s Up, which was more lighthearted and energetic. Once they concluded, the Concert Orchestra took the stage once again to perform the exhilarating themes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as the theme from The Incredibles.

“I’ve enjoyed orchestra this year a lot,” Caleb Fowler ‘21 said. “I actually enjoyed practicing for the audition, I’ve enjoyed playing in class more than I have in the past, so I’m definitely coming back next year.”

The Philharmonic Orchestra performed next, playing renditions of the theme from Star Trek, Reflection from Mulan, and the theme from 2010’s live action remake of Alice in Wonderland. Once they wrapped up, the Symphony Orchestra, now joined by percussionists from the band, came onto the stage and played the classic Imperial March from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the song Spring Day by BTS, arranged by Justice Yoo ‘20, the grand Leaving and The Search from Conan the Barbarian, arranged by Mr. Joshua Thompson, and a rendition of the iconic Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody.

“I’m pretty excited for next year because of the developments currently going on in orchestra,” Lennon Aragon ‘21 said. “Also, you have the growth of the people within orchestra right now which I will help foster through myself being an orchestra officer.”

The concert concluded with the Symphony Orchestra playing Jupiter from The Planets, the song from which the alma mater is taken from, as a tribute to the soon-to-be graduated seniors. It concluded the year for the orchestra students and director Mr. Thompson’s second year teaching.

“My second year was a lot better than my first year,” Mr. Thompson said. “Part of it is my personal comfort level here. I know where things are, I know names, you know, last year I had to learn 170 names right away, and this year all I had to do was learn freshmen’s. So, right away, my personal comfort level is a lot better. The students were used to me. I think the growth of the orchestra this year as compared to last year is quite significant.”