GALLERY: JV Orange Football Defeated by East View 20-14

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  • The teams shake hands after the game. Unfortunately, the Warriors weren’t able to win this one.

  • Mathew Lescano ’22 runs to the end zone. Lescano was tackled before he could get there.

  • Offense watches the game carefully. Meanwhile, the defense goes to work.

  • Shortly after the play began, quarterback Mathew Lescano ’22 throws the ball. Unfortunately, Lescano’s throw was intercepted.

  • Keeping the ball from East View, Rayan Momin ’22 hurdles a player who fell. Despite opponents’ attempts to strip the ball, Momin protected the ball on the play.

  • The offensive coach calls for a timeout. The team huddles around their coach to be informed of their new play.

  • Mathew Lescano ’22 and Xzavier Miller ’22 celebrate. Lescano had scored a touchdown on the previous play.

  • Getting through East View’s defensive line, Mathew Lescano ’22 nears the end zone. Lescano scored another touchdown on the play.

  • Rayan Momin ’22 runs to the end zone. Momin scored a touchdown on the play.

  • Protecting the ball from the other team, Michael Thailing ’22 runs towards the end zone. However, Thailing was brought down a few moments later.

  • As the offense continues to work hard, the defense strategizes their next play. The defense would go on to prevent East View from getting another first down.

  • The offense is on the field waiting for their play to start. Though the drive looked promising, a fumble ended it within a few minutes.

  • To start off the game, Marcos Henry ’22 kicks the ball off. A player from East View received the ball but his return was quickly stopped.

  • Jumping into the air, Miekaul Nash ’21 catches the ball during warm ups. He runs back to line before time is up.

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