JV White Volleyball Demolishes Hays 2-0

By Alondra Garza, Photographer

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  • The JV White team huddles together before the game starts.

  • Allie Shepherd ’23 bumps the ball into the air.

  • Abbey Jennings ’22 serves the ball.

  • Lydia Harris ’22 serves the ball to the opposing team.

  • Lydia Harris ’22 sets the ball into the air for Allie Shepherd ’23 to spike.

  • Aria Hegde ’22 gets down low to bump the ball.

  • Bella Schiesz ’23 jumps to hit the ball over the net.

  • Allie Shepherd ’21 jumps and blocks the ball.

  • Allie Shepherd ’23 hits the ball over the net.

  • Terin Score ’23 bumps the ball into the air.

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On Tuesday, August 20, the JV White volleyball team came out on top in a heated match against Hays.

Starting off strong, the Lady Warriors were up 5-3 within the first few minutes and quickly scored 4 more points. With a strong serve, Lydia Harris ‘22 increased the Warriors’ lead to 10-7. 

“We did a good job with keeping up the energy and staying with it.” Ellie Duff ‘22 said. 

In the final point of the set, Aria Hegde ‘22 dove for the ball and sent it flying over the net to end the set 25-12. Throughout the first set, the team went for the ball and their teamwork ultimately gave them the win. 

“We had a lot of good communication.” Allie Shepherd ‘23 said.

When the second set commenced, Westwood was the first to make a move, scoring with a spike from Catie Duff ‘22. A few minutes into the set, Bella Schiesz ‘23 hit the ball into a hole in the defense close to the boundary to increase the Warriors’ lead to 13-7. Late in the set, Abby Jennings ‘22 dove for the ball to set up a spike from Shepherd which put Westwood ahead 24-14. When the Warriors needed one more point to claim victory, Terin Score ‘23 called for the ball and spiked it to give the Warriors the final point of the match. 

The Lady Warriors will play again on Friday, Sept. 6 against Cedar Ridge.


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