Choir Members Audition for the Texas Music Educators Association


Maya Gangadharan

Choir members auditioned for TMEA on Saturday 14.

Choir members have prepared themselves since before the school year had even started for the initial stage of the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) audition process. The audition was on September 14 at McNeil High School, where 63 Westwood students waited with great anticipation to sing for TMEA judges. Each student was prompted to sing randomly chosen cuts from the two songs they had practiced. Students hoped to meet the criteria needed to make it to the following rounds.

Below is the list of students who have advanced to the next round.

Soprano One
Rachel Rusch ‘20
Ashley Howell ‘21
Katya Lopez ‘20
Maria (Manda) Skevofilax ‘21
Elsa Hughes ‘20
Campbell Pushkin ‘21
Mary Skelley ‘21

Soprano Two
Sejal Jain ‘20
Sarah Sherwood ‘20
Nicole Boisseau ‘20
Violet Burns ‘21
Pranavi Kolli ‘21
Devanshi Verma ‘22
Myra Stickney ‘21
Violet Rogers ‘20

Alto One
Myles Deol ‘20
Anouka Saha ‘21
Bailey Armosky ‘20
Anushka Mazumdar ‘22
Ananya Anand ‘20
Grace Green ‘20
Elizabeth Horsey ‘22
Gabreauna Nash ‘21
Tristan Salemme ‘20
Ria Makkar ‘22

Alto Two
Helena (Laney) McFadden ‘20
Elizabeth Wolf ‘20
Daphne Gonzalez ‘22
Tatyana Volobowen ‘23
Caroline Jia ‘21
Maya Gangadharan ‘21
Mythili Shirhatti ‘21

Tenor One
Neal Gandhi ‘20
Rohith Gajjala ‘22

Tenor Two
Andrew Stevens ‘20
James Thompson ‘22
Pranav Gudlavalleti ‘22

Bass One
Gabriel Paredes ‘23
Maxfield Segrest ‘20
Michael Celey ‘20
Ashish Jacob ‘23
Nathan Peralta ‘22
Caleb Canizalez ‘21
Jeff Cunningham ‘22
Sean Kim ‘22

Bass Two
Alexander Rusch ‘21
Niklas Stading ‘21
Joshua Davis ‘22
Bhuvan Siddaveerappa ‘22

These students will be moving on to the next round in the TMEA All-state audition process, which is on October 7 at Stony Point High School.