Choir Starts the Year on a High Note at Choir Camp

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  • Ian Webster ’20, Ashley Howell ’21, and Rachel Rusch ’20 help lead the choir in an icebreaker. This activity helped choir members bond with each other. “The game, I originally learned it in theatre but we’ve been doing it at choir camp since my freshman year. It’s just a really fun game because everyone messes up, but no one gets singled out,” Rusch said.

  • The choir men split from the women to practice in a sectional. Afterwards, they were able to sing with the rest of the choirs.

  • Choir parents volunteered to serve s’mores to the students. Though not made over a campfire, they still added to the camp feel.

  • Mr. Andre Clark helps teach music to the choir students. This was during the boys’ sectional when they were learning ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’. “The guys are making such improvements- the difference between our top students and the beginners is a much closer gap. To have them work as fast as they did was an incredible opportunity to see how fast they learn,” Clark said.

  • The women’s choir gathered in a sectional to learn a new piece. It was the first time this school year everyone was able to sing together. “It was really fun to hear everyone’s voices and see how everyone came together,” Sarah Armosky ’20 said.

  • Co-presidents Rachel Rusch ’20, and Sarah Sherwood ’20 listen as the choir directors give directions. Both are four year choir members, and this is their final camp. “It was definitely a different experience being one of the co-presidents because I had more responsibility but it was fun and me and Rachel make a great team,” Sherwood said.

  • Choir director Mr. Andre Clark and assistant director Ms. Robin Harwell talk to the choir about what they are going to do next. While the choir had fun playing games at camp, they also learned some music to perform at concerts. “I loved watching the students who are new to this program have the opportunity to feel like a part of a larger community,” Mr. Clark said.

  • Ms. Robin Harwell prepares to conduct the girls’ sectional for ‘The Lord Bless You and Keep You’. Though this was her first choir camp, she still had an enjoyable experience. “Having known the piece but not how people at Westwood do it was a curveball for me and then just hearing that first chord- it was gorgeous,” Ms. Harwell said.

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Choir members from all grade levels came together after school on September 11 to participate in Choir Camp. This event gave a chance for members to get to know each other, learn and brush up on music, and eat s’mores. From playing icebreakers to singing with the whole program, the camp was full of experiences for everyone.