GALLERY: Swim Team Faces Off Against Round Rock Dragons in District 11 Opener

Victoria Novoa, Photographer

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  • Grady Radcliff ’23 takes a breath in a 50 free during warm up. Radcliff ’23 swam the 200 Medley relay, the 100m fly, the 200 free and the 200 freestyle relay.

  • Nate Thompson ’23 breathing during warmup. Although Thompson was nervous at the start of the meet, he won multiple heats.

  • Nathaniel Thomas ’20 doing streamline kick during warm up. “I think that warming up well before a meet can help you a lot during your actual race” Thomas ’20 said.

  • Jaqueline Liu ’22 swimming breaststroke in the 200 meter IM. Not feeling well before the meet, Liu still won many points for the team.

  • KyAnh Troung ’21 diving into the water for the 200 Medely Relay. Due to Troung’s amazing preformance, the lady warriors were able to catch up to the Round Rock swimmers.

  • Dan Vinnik ’22 doing a backstroke start for 200 meter IM. It was his first meet of the season, and Vinnik showed outstanding energy in and out of the water.

  • Grace Hewett ’23 swimming breathing in butterfly during the 200 Medealy Relay. Hewett also won points for the Warriors in 100 meter freestyle and the 100 meter breaststroke.

  • Shreyush Shankar ’22 getting ready to do a backstroke start. Shankar was able to lead his relay team to victory by starting them with a huge lead in the race.

  • Morgan Vorpat ’23 starting off her 200 IM race with a 50 meter backstroke. Though Vorpat was nervous about swimming in her first high school meet, she not only one heats but also dropped time.

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