Orchestra Hosts Annual Breakfast

Serena Manwani, Reporter

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  • Watching fellow musicians open their squad letters, violinist and orchestra officer Anna Beatty ’22 is hugged from behind by a friend.

  • Waiting in line for breakfast tacos, harpist Phyllis Stockton ‘22 grins at the camera. “It’s so crowded in here, but at least we get free food.” Stockton said.

  • Laoise Matsumotomo ‘21 laughs with friends as she enjoys a breakfast taco courtesy of parent volunteers.

  • After a suspenseful lead-up, Jessamine Qu ‘23 opens her envelope, revealing her orchestra squad assignment for the year.

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The orchestra room was packed with many hungry musicians on Friday, Aug. 30 in the morning. The orchestra officers and directors were hosting their annual Welcome to Orchestra breakfast where there was an endless variety of donuts, muffins, fruits, bagels, breakfast tacos, and juices for the students to enjoy.  

“[The breakfast] turned out really well – better than last year,” orchestra officer Anna Beatty ‘22 said.  “It was fun trying to think of all the food to bring, and then working with the boosters.”

The students in each orchestra are paired with other students within their orchestra in squads to facilitate team building. The upperclassmen give advice to the underclassmen, go out, have fun, help each other with homework, and more.  Many students really liked this idea because they were put in small groups and can get to know one another.

“I’m not really that much of a social person,” Nashitha Azeez ‘22 said. “But I thought that [the orchestra squads] would be a good opportunity to get more friends.”

The orchestra staff was pleased with how many people signed up to be in a squad.  Ideas like this had been tried in previous years, but they didn’t work quite as well. The turnout of the event excited the officers and directors the most. People filled the room, eager to find out their squads and eat some food.

“I think [the orchestra squads are] a great idea,” Mr. Thompson said.  “I think it’s better organized this year and I think it’s going to be a really good thing for students.”

Orchestra’s next event is their annual ice cream social on Friday, Sept. 27 where the orchestra students get to enjoy some ice cream and work together on section posters.