Swim Team Hosts Orange and Black Meet

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  • The Black team cheers for their swimmers during the 400-meter freestyle relay.

  • Benji Truong ’21 takes a breath in the 100-yard breaststroke. Known for this to be his best event, Truong won his heat.

  • Molly Sparrow ’21 swims the 100-meter breaststroke. Sparrow ended up getting second in her heat, but still managed to earn points for the Orange team.

  • Samantha Greisdorf ’21 smiles as she gets ready to perform a dive. “The Orange and Black meet is my favorite meet of the season,” Greisdorf said.

  • Elena Hobbs ’23 gets ready to dive into the water. Being her first Orange and Black meet, Hobbs was nervous to dive in front of everyone. She still ended up gaining many points for the Black team.

  • Swimmers get ready to dive into the water for their race. Although many swimmers weren’t on the same team, they still cheered each other on.

  • Joshua Louie ’20 and Nathaniel Thomas ’20 congratulate each other after a race. As seniors on the team, it would be their last Orange and Black meet.

  • Shreyush Shankar ’21 takes a breath in the 500-meter freestyle. Known for being a distance swimmer, Shankar won his heat by over 25 meters.

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The swim team hosted their annual Orange and Black meet on Saturday Sept. 21, where the team is divided into two smaller teams, Orange and Black. Although this meet is meant to help swimmers drop time and swim more events, it’s also a chance for them to bond and get to know each other better. 

“Orange and Black is my favorite meet by far,” Nidhi Hegde ‘21 said. “We all compete against each other and have fun while doing it.”

Many of the swimmers have been preparing for the Westwood season by swimming outside of school, so although it was one of the first meets of the season, many swimmers managed to drop times and win heats. The Orange and Black meet is a way for the new freshmen to bond with the team, and many of them were excited to be swimming against one another. 

“At first it was really nervous because I’d have to go against a bunch of upperclassmen,” Morgan Vopat ‘23 said. “But it was really nice to see them cheer for us, even if we weren’t on their team.”

After the swim meet, the Warriors and their parents drove down to Westwood for the annual potluck dinner. Families on the team bring foods such as salads, samosas, cakes, and more for everyone to enjoy. While the team ate their food, the parents of seniors gave speeches about their kids and their swim journeys. 

“It was super sad hearing the speeches,” Erica Stubbs ‘20 said. “It was super weird to think that this was my last Orange and Black meet, and that I’d be in college next year.”

The Warriors will be competing at a tri-meet on Wednesday, Sept 25th.