Choir Students Succeed at Region Auditions


Photo Courtesy of Mr. Clark.

Mr. Andre Clark takes a selfie with the region competitors before they head into their audition rooms.

Right after school ended on Oct. 8, choir students headed to Stony Point High School to participate in Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) region auditions. Grouped with other schools in the area, the vocalists competed for a chance to move on to the next round of auditions and sing in the region choir. There are two choirs: a mixed choir for male and female voices, and a treble choir for just female voices. Westwood Choirs ended up having 37 students earn a spot in a choir, 27 of whom are competing in the pre-area auditions this November.

The following students will be singing at the region concert:

Region Treble Choir

Nicole Boisseau ‘20

Maya Gangadharan ‘21

Daphne Gonzalez ‘22

Caroline Jia ‘21

Ria Makkar ‘22

Violet Rogers ‘20

Tristan Salemme ‘20

Sarah Sherwood ‘20

Manda Skevofilax ‘21

Tatyana Volobouev ‘23

Region Mixed Choir, Advances to Pre-Area

Ananya Anand ‘20

Bailey Armosky ‘20

Violet Burns ‘21

Michael Celey ‘20

Joshua Davis ‘22

Myles Deol ‘20

Rohith Gajjala ‘22

Neal Gandhi ‘20

Grace Green ‘20

Pranav Gudlavalleti ‘22

Ashley Howell ‘21

Elsa Hughes ‘20

Ashish Jacob ‘23

Sejal Jain ‘20

Katya Lopez ‘20

Anushka Mazumdar ‘22

Laney McFadden ‘20

Gabreauna Nash ‘21

Gabriel Paredes ‘23

Rachel Rusch ‘20

Alexander Rusch ‘21

Anouka Saha ‘21

Maxfield Segrest ‘20

Niklas Stading ‘21

Andrew Stevens ‘20

James Thompson ‘22

Elizabeth Wolf ‘20