Dance Students Showcase Talents at Intersection

Rosie Deal, Executive Editor

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  • The dancers practice their dances full dressed with their costumes for intersection. They are all in harmony and have a lot of energy. Photo courtesy of Ms. Carolina Imedio.

  • Ms. Katie Gunderson guides the dancers through the scenario giving them their right positions. Photo courtesy of Ms. Carolina Imedio.

  • The jazz class dances full out during the entire rehearsal. They were a really big group but they were really synchronized.

  • The dancers pose at one of their top movements. They used a lot of high energy during the dance.

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On Saturday, Oct. 26, high schools and middle schools came together at the Round Rock ISD’s Performing Arts Center (PAC) to perform at Intersection. The various dance classes at Intersection individually showcased their talents on the stage for an audience full of family and friends. 

[Performing] was a little nerve wracking because you’re standing [on the stage] thinking ‘I’m going to mess up’ or something, but overall, I did really like our show,” Denise Lin ‘21 said. “Our performance was [to the song] September by Earth, Wind, and Fire and it was very energetic.”

Ranging from the beginner dance classes to the advanced classes, each student put in an enormous amount of effort preparing for their performances. Rehearsals were held in every class leading up to the big day and both the teachers and the students worked hard to get the choreography perfect and create a show that would be remembered. 

“I was thinking about the steps and smiling, it’s important to do both those things. The show is a great way for all of the schools with all levels of dance to come together and show off what they have been working on in class,” Cara Tome ‘22 said.

Each performance involved intricate costumes and designs to make the dance complete and add an over-the-top factor to them. Along with the costumes, the dances included lighting and visual effects that added to the performances. Fog and brightly colored lights added drama and created an exciting tone for the dances which made them more engaging for the audience.

“[I was focused on] mostly performing well and corrections that the teachers gave us since they gave us a lot,” Irina Raleigh ‘21 said. “I thought that it was a really good show because [the dancers varied] from middle school to high school and it was really fun. We got to perform for our parents and everyone so they got to see our progress.”

The performances showcased a variety of dance styles and showed that the students have the ability to get out of their comfort zones. These students all worked extremely hard to learn and then clean their dances to demonstrate how much they have grown in their talents. The next performance held by the dance classes will be Escapade held in the spring.