GALLERY: JV Orange Football Loses 41-0 to Vandegrift

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  • The game ends, the Warriors losing 41-0. Both teams meet to shake hands before meeting up with their coaches to talk about the game.

  • Running away from a Vandegrift defender, Mathew Lescano ’22 gets away. Lescano gets a first down before getting tackled to the ground.

  • Before Vandegrift can score a touchdown, Colin Cooper ’21 tackles the ball carrier. The Warriors successfully prevented Vandegrift from scoring a touchdown on the play.

  • The defense waits for Vandegrift to run. However, the defense wasn’t able to stop Vandegrift from getting a touchdown.

  • Kicking the ball to Vandegrift is Kiyan Tavasoli ’22. A Vandegrift player catches the ball and returns it.

  • The Warriors call a timeout. The defensive coaches tell the players which play to run.

  • The offensive linemen do run drills to prepare for the game. The offensive linemen performed a series of drills until the game started.

  • Running a drill, Miekaul Nash ’21 runs towards the ball to catch it. Nash catches the ball and runs back to the line.

  • Miekaul Nash ’21 passes the ball to Jordan Gibreal ’21. Both players run back to the end of the line and wait for new instructions.

  • The game starts with Vandegrift kicking the ball off. The Warriors received the ball and returned it.

  • The defense waits on the sidelines, watching the game and getting ready for their next play. The defense cheered on the offense as they played.

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