Humans of Westwood: Gabriel Beitia ’20


Photo By Photo by Ian Drerup

Photo by Ian Drerup

“For about two and a half years I lived with my dad and essentially raised my little sister Veronica. My little sister never recognized my talents in raising her and she idolized my dad despite the fact that I paid for our groceries, gas, and lots of other bills because my dad didn’t work and I did. One time I asked my dad if I could take the truck out, because I had just gotten my license, but he wouldn’t let me take it out. It spiraled into this whole argument which resulted in him grabbing me and holding his fist in front of my face and saying ‘you’re not in my family, I’m kicking you out of this house right now.’ He also said I wasn’t his blood so I left and I live with my mom now,” Gabriel Beitia ’20 said.