Humans of Westwood: Sophia Bombach ’21

“When I was really young my family and I went to Krispy Kreme. It was about to rain that night and my mom saw something running back and forth from a drainage ditch, so she made us stop the car. She went down into the ditch while my dad got in the drive-through. I’m not sure how she got in, but I know she did because she had tons of ant bites. My dad finally got tired of waiting and went out to my mom; he came back to the car and grabbed an extra pair of shorts and went into the ditch. Then he came back out with a little itty bitty kitten and my mom. The kitten had a crook in her tail and her mom was nowhere to be found. She was cross-eyed so we called her Cooka Booka. My dad called her Donut and we called her Ava sometimes. She had heartworms but we got her treated. She didn’t live very long, but she was one of the only pets I had a real connection [with],” Sophia Bombach ’21 said.