JV White Volleyball Takes Out Mavericks 2-0

Emily Malone, Photographer

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  • Focused in and prepared Allie Shepherd ’23 is using the over hand method to serve the ball to the other team. Shepherd knew what she had to do when every time she got ready to serve and didn’t let anything distract her from doing it. “I had to focus stay calm and make sure that it goes in,” Shephard said.

  • One of her first games back Camille Marshall ’22 is getting back into the swing of things and ready to play. She missed being on the court in her time sitting out due to a knee injury and is excited and ready to be back. “I feel more part of the team now that since I’m not sitting on the bench and it just feels great to be part of every play,” Marshall said.

  • Making sure that ball stayed in the air Chiara Morel’ 23 was always right there under the ball. Making sure you keep the ball in the air and preventing the other team from scoring is one of the most important aspects of volleyball and Morel did not forget that. ” Keep the ball up, don’t let it fall on the ground and put all effort in,” Morel said.

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The JV white volleyball team beat the McNeil Mavericks, winning in both sets.

The Lady Warriors started the game with a five point lead of 8-3 in their first set and continued ahead of the Mavericks. Their lead only grew as the game continued. The girls were willing and ready to use the practice they put in every day. Middle blocker Bella Schiesz ’23 and Outside hitter Terin Score ’23 were always right there ready at the net to jump up and block the ball from coming over. Their hard work paid off with the final score for their first set was 25-7.

 “I made sure that I was always behind my setter and aligned so I could get to the set,”  Middle blocker Allie Shepherd ‘23 said.

The second set was not as smooth sailing for the Warriors, as during most of the set the score was fluctuating one or two points between the two teams. Despite the Warriors winning with a five point lead the team had to keep on their toes, as the Mavericks were never very far behind. It was not until about halfway through the second set that the Warriors were able to get ahead by three points. Despite gaining a lead the Mavericks were able to catch up. They continued their one to two point dance until the Warriors gained a two point lead. While the Mavericks were able to catch up and scored two more points, it was not enough and they still lost to the Lady Warriors. The final score of their second and final set was 25-20.

“I was really disappointed in us because we weren’t playing as well as we should be,” OH Score said. “We really needed to pick up our energy and stay on our toes. We were able to gain some momentum in the end and pull it off.”

The JV White team now prepares for their next game against the Raiders at Cedar Ridge this coming Tuesday, October 8th, at 5:30 p.m.