Student Organizations Decorate Hallways for Homecoming

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  • Members of choir hold up their poster, which they have painted blue to match the theme of the rest of the hallway. That hallway was filled with blue streamers, wave-like posters, and other water representing decorations.

  • Drama club members Eva De Guelle ’22 and Sophie Clift ’22 proudly hold their poster representing theatre in all the countries. They want to highlight the different forms of practicing theatre in various places across the world.

  • HOSA officers Sana Khan ’20 and Brandon Qin ’20 work hard on creating a drawing that encompasses sports and medicine, the theme chosen for HOSA. They represent various sports through balls and medicine through a stethoscope.

  • HOSA members work on creating their two long posters. Some of the officers help them out by providing ideas and guidance.

  • Outreach members pose in front of their homecoming decorations, which are based off the medals won in the Olympics, and the podiums the winners stand on.

    Photo Courtesy of Ansh Purohit '21
  • Daniel Brown ’21 helps NFHS by taping decorations to their poster, which depicts aspects of French culture. There are many colorful drawings of structures and Olympic symbols.

    Photo Courtesy of Ansh Purohit '21
  • Elena Van Metre ’21 cuts out letters to help decorate one of the posters in the hallways. She uses multiple colors and cutouts to keep it neat and colorful.

    Photo Courtesy of Ansh Purohit '21
  • HOSA members sit in front of the homecoming poster they spent one and a half hours on, and take pride in their work. There were more than 35 students who participated.

  • Westwood Nasha, the Bollywood club, created a poster depicting their choice of gymnastics for the homecoming theme of Olympics. They made a poster of the world with colorful balloons, cards that talk about famous gymnasts, and other decorations.

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Various clubs and organizations decorated hallways throughout Homecoming week to show school pride, following the theme of the Olympics. Each club chose an Olympic sport to base their hallway decoration on and members worked hard to creatively make and display their decorations. 


“Our theme was mountain bikes and we took butcher paper, put it over a screen, and traced it. We then cut it out and put the bike riding people on the mountains that we painted,” Denise Lin ‘21 said. “We also made gold medals that hung from the wall. It was quite a lot of work with all the coloring and cutting, but overall I loved the outcome of it.”


“We wanted something fun, lively, and that fit the theme of music, so we thought that artistic swimming would give us some creativity and allow us to put all the blue on the lights so we went for that. We used cellophane and poster paper [and students] laid down on the poster paper and [we] traced around their bodies and then cut those out,” Violet Burns ‘21 said. “They also had a bunch of blue streamers to represent water. I think that the decorations turned out beautiful and we did really well using the skills, materials, and the time that we had.”


“Our decorations had to do with representing [different aspects of] Paris and French culture. I came in after school for one of the point opportunities and [Mme. Macharia] told me I could draw a location so [I decided to] draw the Notre Dame,” Katie Qin ‘21 said. “After I spent two hours working on the poster, I felt really accomplished and it was a really cool experience.”


“We decided to make a world map where we found different famous gymnasts or Olympic winners from different countries and put them up there. Bollywood is really colorful and it’s all about exaggeration and because Holi is coming up we were inspired to make our map really colorful,” Maanya Pulsani ‘20 said. “We used a cotton sheet, watercolor, and a projector to make the map.”


“Our theme was fencing and we wanted [to choose] something that was fun and what not other people were doing,” Anna Castelino ‘20 said. “Some people made posters with people fencing and our logo, while my friends and I made podium steps.”