Biology Students Escape the Operating Room

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  • Students from the biology class perform a fake surgery.

  • Cassidy Denton ’23 matches the organs to their correspondent body system.

  • Students look at the fake organs of their patient. They needed to match the organs to the correct body system in order to perform the surgery well.

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Freshman Pre-AP Biology jumped into their human body systems unit review by participating in a teacher-created escape room. Students were placed in small groups of six and attempted to find a series of numbers to save a potential life. 

“We just figured this would be a really fun way for the students to get introduced to different systems of the body,” Mr. Daniel Veve said. “They are trying to save their patient which has multiple body systems that are failing, and they need to help that patient escape the operating room.”

Each group was given a random medical record and a list of the body systems. With their imaginary patients, they had to find out which organ systems were failing. Students interacted with each other to unlock three different combinations from their given information. 

“It’s like a made-up scenario,” Hayden Schultz ‘23 said. “We have to solve these biology questions and we get all these clues to help us escape the operating room.”

The groups worked fast as Mr. Veve played a timed hospital monitor over the speakers throughout the classroom. One after the other, each student worked to solve a portion of the clues given. 

“It helps us understand the human body system,” Amali Oakly ‘23 said. “ It’s equally challenging  and it helps us review the systems because all we really get are lecture videos, and it’s good to have a hands-on experience.”