Varsity Boys’ Basketball Takes Down Weiss 58-45 in Season Opener

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  • With a defensive player trying to block him, Eric Kipper ’21 attempts to shoot the ball. Despite the missed shot, the Warriors kept their lead throughout the game.

  • Eyeing his shot, Luca Cipleu ’21 prepares to make a 2-pointer. The score was brought to 50-39 with the Warriors keeping their strong lead.

  • With an opponent on his side, Santi Campos ’20 drives the ball down the court. Campos assisted Anish Maddipoti ’20 for the Warriors’ last 2-pointer of the game.

  • Focused in, Santi Campos ’20 runs the ball down the court. He takes it all the way down to make a basket which brings the score to 21-16, Warriors’ lead.

  • Anish Maddipoti ’20 passes the ball to Brandon Parks ’20. Putting the Warriors further in the lead, Parks made a 3-pointer which brought the score to 26-16.

  • Jumping high, Samuel Durham ’21 attempts to shoot the ball. Despite the missed shot, the Warriors kept their lead even though the Wolves were catching up during the third quarter.

  • With a defensive player on his side, Christian Robinson ’20 dribbles the ball down the court. The first quarter ended 13-11, Warriors’ lead.

  • Jumping in the air, Brandon Parks ’20 looks to shoot the ball. Parks brought the score to 26-16, leaving the Wolves further behind.

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Varsity boys basketball started their season strong with a win against the Weiss Wolves 58-45 on Friday, Nov. 15. 

The Warriors started the game evenly matched with Weiss and were barely able to take a lead in the beginning, but as the game progressed they began to pull ahead. Christian Robinson ‘20 made a 3-pointer, which was followed by Santi Campos ‘20 stealing the ball after a Wolf fell down and then running down the court to score. In the second period, Anish Maddipoti ‘20 grabbed the ball after the Wolves failed to score and passed it to Brandon Parks ‘20 who made a basket to end the half with the score 30-25 in favor of the Warriors. 

“Since it was our first game of the season we got mentally prepared for it and we were ready to go,” Marcos Martinez ‘20 said. 

The second half started with a few free throws. After the foul shots, Luca Cipleu ‘21 scored and right after Weiss made a shot, Parks stole the ball and passed it to Maddipoti to score. In the final quarter, most points were made from free throws, including two from Eric Kipper ‘21 and two from Zach Engels ‘22. Campos scored a 2-pointer right after one from Cipleu and the Warriors won 58-45. 

“It was our first game so we had a few mistakes that we can clean up but we’ll get better,” Parks said. 

The team will play the Elgin Wildcats next on Tuesday, Nov. 19.